'First Family Of Hip Hop' Cast On Sylvia Robinson's Overlooked Legacy

Robinson created Sugarhill Records, the first hip-hop record label, in 1978.

Nearly 40 years since Sylvia Robinson launched the first hip-hop record label, Sugarhill Records, the late pioneer’s family is ready to continue the family legacy with their new Bravo series, “First Family Of Hip-Hop.”

The docu-series follows Robinson’s son, Leland Robinson, Sr. and various family members as they attempt to gain control of the label.

During an appearance on Aol BUILD on Tuesday, the cast opened up about the new show and the legendary label’s influential impact on artists over the years, including Jay Z, Kanye West, and Pitbull.

Robinson, Sr. believes his mother’s impact on hip-hop culture has often been overlooked in comparison to some of her male counterparts.

“I just think that as being a woman in charge that she never really got the recognition that she really deserved,” he said. “It’s like, being a man it’s a lot easier for us out here. It takes a lot. For a woman to start rap music back in 1979, when they told her she didn’t have to stoop that low to do it, and she turned around and did it, and made a lifestyle and career for all these rappers that’s out here today.”

Robinson, Sr., who’s responsible for managing the label’s royalties, added some sage thoughts on women: “I just want everybody to know it’s a man’s world, but it takes a woman to make the world go round.”

Check out more of the cast of “First Family Of Hip Hop” Aol BUILD segment in the clip above.



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