First Influencer Campaign That Leverages AI and Customer Insights to Select the Influencers

Influential, an A.I. influencer technology and marketing platform, announced the launch of an innovative SXSW influencer campaign that brings together automotive brand, Mazda North American Operations and A.I. technology giant, IBM Watson. Influential, which has an ongoing relationship with IBM Watson as a Developer Partner, has previously used the A.I. engine’s APIs to power social campaigns, but for the first time, Influential has integrated an extra layer of data and added Mazda’s own customer insights into the equation, to yield, what they believe to be, the most precise influencer identification process ever for an influencer campaign.

The campaign is using Mazda’s existing, anonymized customer insights as the basis for selecting the most relevant influencers to participate in a social media campaign for the new Mazda CX-5. In using Mazda’s customer insights, Influential’s platform, which incorporates IBM Watson, then takes the information about Mazda CX-5 customers and studies the data, looking for particular characteristics that would identify influencers that would be ideal for the social media campaign. The selection process is done, in part, by the Watson Personality Insights API, that selects influencers based on psychographics that are grounded in the Big Five personality traits, which has identified 52 unique traits that make a human’s personality.

For this campaign, Influential has used the Personality Insights service to analyze a combination of Mazda’s customer insights and publicly available social media data. This has helped to identify the traits that align with Mazda’s ideal brand advocates. The traits for this campaign, in particular, include Artistic Interests, Extraversion, and Excitement.

“At Mazda, we are constantly looking for ways to connect with our customers in new and meaningful ways,” said Eric Watson, Director, Marketing Operations, Mazda North American Operations. “This new method of identifying influencers through the use of our customer profiles is a yet another step in reaching our customers in a more targeted way.”

The campaign kicks off this week at SXSW 2017 in Austin, where influencers will collect content related to the CX-5 at Mazda’s sponsored spaces and venues, as well as daytime and evening events at the conference. From there, they will send out this content to their followers, so they can get a firsthand look at the new CX-5, as well as all the Mazda activities at SXSW.

“Mazda is a true innovator and leader in the auto industry,” said Ryan Detert, CEO of Influential. “The influencer selection process that we’ve created with IBM Watson, which was augmented with Mazda customer insights, is groundbreaking. We believe that this new approach will yield amazing results, especially in regards to engagement and sentiment.”

The Mazda Studio at Empire Control Room takes place from Tuesday, March 14th through Friday, March 17th and will include a fireside chat with executives from Mazda, Influential, and IBM Watson on Friday, March 17th at 1:30pm.

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