New 'First Kiss' Video Shows The True Meaning Of Awkward -- And It's Perfect

After the "First Kiss" video of 20 strangers kissing went viral, there were numerous parodies and even more inquiries into how authentic the video really was. Thankfully Wifey TV writer and filmmaker, Hye Yun Park, made her own version of a "First Kiss" video which features real people -- who are most definitely strangers -- kissing for the first time.

Park's response to the "First Kiss" video is even better as it comes with "more color, dust, dirt, curves, spark and queer juice." With 28 New Yorkers paired up, the video shows the genuine awkwardness, sexual attraction and (many times) downright cringeworthy moments of making out with a stranger. And it's absolutely perfect.

OK, where do we sign up for all these random make out sessions with good looking people?

[h/t Wifey TV]