Married Within Months Of Meeting: Couple's First Kiss Occurred The Same Day He Proposed (VIDEO)

WATCH: Couple's First Kiss Occurred The Same Day He Proposed

Many Americans believe in love at first sight, though few are willing to take their love to the next step and get married shortly after they meet. But for Don and Nicole McAllister, four months was all the time they needed to meet and get married. They shared their story on HuffPost Live.

After meeting through a Christian dating website, the McAllisters began a whirlwind romance. "Our very first kiss was actually the day he proposed," Nicole told host Nancy Redd. "We had met and corresponded, and actually he flew out to meet me and we kind of had some mini-dates here and there, but the actual first kiss was the date he proposed and I wouldn't change that for the world."

The couple waited to kiss in order to make that moment more meaningful for them. "That first kiss, I told him, I said 'I feel that it's important that our relationship comes first, not the physical part of it. So if you could wait to kiss me until you are prepared to ask me to marry you, that would mean a lot. And that's something that I have really wanted and dreamed about,'" Nicole explained.

"I was ready to kiss right off the bat," Don said.

"But I wanted it to mean something, and it definitely did and it definitely adds to our story," Nicole responded.

"And I definitely value that, for sure," Don agreed.

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