First Listen to Nashville-Based Electronic Music Artist Super Duper's New Track "Second Chances" Featuring Louis Johnson

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Photo Credit: Super Duper

Super Duper, the project from Nashville-based Josh Hawkins, comes with a new track “Second Chances” featuring the soulful vocals of fellow Nashville singer Louis Johnson. The track laid down by Super Duper is lush and emotive and with Johnson’s stellar vocals, it’s a winner. Today, we have a first listen to “Second Chances” along with quotes about the song from both artists, so enjoy!

Louis Johnson - "So often I'm too stubborn to apologize to my wife when I fuck up. Even though I know that all she needs to hear is that I'm sorry. 'Second Chances' is a song about hope for a chance to give love and receive it again. We wanted to zoom in on that jumping off point. The part where the reconciliation begins. 'What's it gonna take, to take another chance on me? What if I say I'm sorry?’"

Super Duper - "When Louis and I first sat down with the track, I told him I really wanted the vocals to match the dynamics of the song. It's very slow and moody at first and then changes direction really quickly. It was a tough balance, but Louis was able to blend all the parts really well. He also brought in the acoustic guitar part on the outro which became a really nice organic moment on the album. Even when it’s just guitar and vocal, the vocal melody still sticks with you and that's always a good sign you have a strong idea on your hands.”

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