Fiorina Attacks Boxer's 'Arrogance' In First General Election Ad

In her first television advertisement of the general election, California Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina chose to attack incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer on personal rather than policy grounds.

In a 30-second statewide spot titled "Sir," the former Hewlett Packard CEO charges Boxer with being arrogant, pointing to the demand Boxer made, during a now infamous hearing with General Michael Walsh in June 2009, to be called Senator rather than "ma'am."

"Twenty eight years in Washington, and Barbara Boxer works hard for a title?" Fiorina asks. "I'll really go to work to end the arrogance in Washington."


Directed by famed GOP ad man Fred Davis (the brains behind the viral demon sheep spot from earlier this cycle) "Sir" is relatively no thrills as far as political ads go. The primary feature of the spot seems to be the calculus that Boxer's vulnerability with voters has to do with her character perception as opposed to her legislative record (though Fiorina has not shied away from attacking the Senator on that latter front as well).

The risk, of course, is in coming off as petty -- something that happened early on in the general election campaign when Fiorina was caught on camera mocking Boxer's hairstyle.