Here's Your First Look At Hawkgirl And Hawkman In The 'Arrow'-'Flash' Crossover

They make quite the couple.

The last time the CW's "Arrow" and "The Flash" executed a crossover episode, ratings spiked and fans were treated to an epic face-off between the series' respective heroes. 

Thanks to "Arrow" executive producer Mark Guggenheim, we've got our first look at the second crossover episode, featuring Kendra Saunders, aka Hawkgirl, and her husband, Hawkman, in costume. The legendary couple will both factor heavily into the CW spinoff, "Legends of Tomorrow." 

Guggenheim tweeted the photo of the largest gathering of Justice League characters we've seen on a CW franchise since "Smallville" (Why does everybody forget that "Smallville" existed?!) with the caption, "This year's 'Arrow'-'Flash' crossover is only 3 weeks away!"

Some speculate that the highly anticipated episode will find our heroes teaming up to battle against big, bad Vandal Savage, an immortal supervillain who's been around since the Stone Age. Savage is expected to become the primary antagonist in "Legends of Tomorrow," which is slated to premiere January on the CW. 

Hawkgirl and Hawkman both made appearances in "Arrow" and "The Flash" superhero antecedent "Smallville." Hawkgirl wasn't given much screen time, but Hawkman stuck around for a couple episodes  -- spoiler alert! -- just long enough to be killed by Slade Wilson. 

Check out a fight between the two of them below. 

We're clearly due for a "Smallville" rewatch.


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