Here's How Your Favorite 'Hey Arnold!' Characters Will Change In Upcoming Movie

The crew is back with some fresh updates.

After years of planning, drafting and even a cancellation, the “Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie” is finally set to be released this year. The team over at Nickelodeon gave BuzzFeed a first look at the movie and some updates on what fans can expect. 

“Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie” is going to focus on what happened to Arnold’s parents and is set to hit television screens in November. It’s a follow-up to 2002′s “Hey Arnold!: The Movie” and will play like only one or two years has passed from where events left off, even though it’s been 15 years.

Arnold, Gerald, Helga and Phoebe ― who are all getting new looks ― will join their other classmates for a trip to a fictional Central American country, creator Craig Bartlett revealed. And a special map will play a big part in the story. 

Nickelodeon has plans to revive a handful of classics, including “Hey Arnold!,” “Rocco’s Modern Life” and “Invader Zim.”

Chis Viscardi, senior vice president of production and development, animation, at Nickelodeon Group, explained how certain shows are selected for a reboot at the network’s Splat panel at ATX TV Festival last month.

“I’d say there are two things,” he said. “The first is that it has to be a property that we inherently has something to it tonally and comedically, character-wise and story-wise that can work for today’s audience.”

“Because for a lot of these properties, time has passed,” Viscardi continued. “It’s a different era, so we need to make sure that we feel there’s enough there …The second thing is, we would only bring back properties if the creator of the original series wanted to come back. We feel it’s really important to honor who made the show and who started the show, so we’ve had that opportunity.” 



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