Phys Ed Teacher Becomes First Mother To Complete 'American Ninja Warrior' Course

Sandy Zimmerman, 42, pumped up fans with an unexpected performance.

Sandy Zimmerman was so thrilled to make history on Monday’s “American Ninja Warrior” that she celebrated before she finished.

She dangled by one hand from the last obstacle ― a steep wall ― and pumped her fist to raucous reaction from the announcers and the crowd. Then she hoisted herself up to push the buzzer and make it official. See her full run below.

Zimmerman, 42, who has three kids, became the first mother ever to complete the obstacle course in the show’s 11 seasons. She is also the oldest woman to do it, according to the show.

Zimmerman, a physical education teacher from Spokane, Washington, had never even made it past the second obstacle previously, according to her bio. But she slayed a demanding course in the Tacoma Dome that emphasized upper-body strength. And she did it with a smile, her confidence building with every stunt.

Only nine women had pushed the buzzer on an “ANW” obstacle course before, Yahoo reported. Zimmerman was the first mom to do so.

“I wanna hit that buzzer for all of the moms out there, not just for me, but I feel like it’s a ‘we,’” she said before her feat. “We so often put everything for us on the back burner.”

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