First Night of Bridgetown

Yay, I got here! I got to Portland Thursday for the Bridgetown Comedy Festival and as soon as I got here I got to run to see the tail end of my hero in comedy Maria Bamford performing. She is so amazing, smart, weird, talented, and one of the reasons why I started comedy to begin with. I can't wait for tonight to get to see her do her full set.

After that show I stayed at the Hawthorne Theater (which is a really cool venue and I liked a lot) and watched "Hot Soup" which is a New York show produced by some hilarious comedians: David Cope, Mark Normand, Matt Ruby and Andy Haynes (who now lives in LA.) The show was wonderful and so much fun. David Cope hosted and did a great job warming them up and had really surreal solid jokes. Andy Haynes killed with an amazing set. Every time I see Andy I feel like he has a new television ready showcase ten minutes. I'm impressed with how the quality and speed with which he turns out new material.

One of my favorite parts of the show was hilarious, adorable and whimsical comedian Aparna Nancherla. Aparna's comedy is tightly written, clever, interesting, and genuinely quirky. My favorite joke she did was "You can't make everyone like you, but you can shave off all your eyebrows and force strangers to compliment you." After Aparna was Katie Crown, who I had never seen before live and she was wonderful. She's bubbly, delighted to be on stage, and she tells stories as if painting a surrealist picture. I hope I get to meet her.

The festival is so fun so far and feels like a summer camp, except here I have yet to hide in the arts and crafts room in lieu of attending a social.