First Online-Only Candidate Mashup

The Associated Press reports on the online mashup sponsored by Yahoo!, Slate Magazine and the Huffington Post....

Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday dismissed criticism from her chief rivals over her acceptance of campaign contributions from lobbyists, calling their concerns "a little inauthentic" since they accept money from lobbyists' employers and relatives.

In an interview for an online candidates' forum sponsored by Yahoo!, Slate Magazine and the Huffington Post, Clinton also announced she would release her plan to offer universal health coverage next Monday.

"I hope the headline will read, 'Hillary is back and we're going to get it done this time,'" she said.

All eight Democratic contenders participated in the so-called online "mashup," including Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, and Mike Gravel.

They took questions from moderator Charlie Rose on education, health care and the Iraq War, many of which were submitted from readers online. Comedian Bill Maher also made a surprise appearance, offering "wild card" questions on issues such as whether marijuana should be legalized.

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Watch three of the videos below...

Bill Maher To Senator Clinton: "Why Should Americans Vote For Someone Who Can Be Fooled By George Bush?"

Rose Asks Edwards About Health Care

Bill Maher To Senator Dodd: "Give Me A Good Reason Why...Marijuana Should Be Illegal?"

Rose Asks Obama If He Accepts Petraeus's Judgment