First Parade of Carnival Celebrates "25 Years Wasted"

First Parade of Carnival Celebrates "25 Years Wasted"
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When a friend tells you they're marching on the Palin / Jindal float and you have to ask "Which one?" it's time for Krewe du Vieux marching through the French Quarter of New Orleans.

The parade has featured a combination of sex and satire for 25 years, and this year David Simon, creator of the HBO series Treme, not only inspired the Krewe of Spermes David Semen float, he marched in it. Waiting for the parade to roll, he told my friend the honor meant as much to him as the MacArthur Award.

Floats were in fine form with themes such as Dripileaks referencing a BP Oil Spill / Wikileaks mashup. You can read my article and view the photo gallery at