'First Person' Talks With Legendary Fire Island DJ Lina Bradford

As if you weren't missing Fire Island enough already...

If you've been to Fire Island, you know DJ Lina.

DJ Lina Bradford is a legendary figure on Fire Island, bringing people together in a magical way at her daily tea dance in the Pines.

In the latest episode of the PBS Digital Studios series "First Person," Bradford opens up about not only her transgender identity, but the rich history of Fire Island and what exactly makes the place so enchanting.

"You really feel the history here," she said. "If you're a connected person you can smell it, you can see it. I mean, you walk these boardwalks and it's just like -- there's a lot of history here. A lot of major people are here and have walked through these woods. It's pretty special."

Hosted by Kristin Russo, "First Person" is a web show that focuses on gender identity, sexuality and queer community.

Check out the interview with Bradford above to hear more of her captivating story. Missed the previous episodes of "First Person"? Head here to check them out.

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