First Post!

I grew up in a staunchly conservative household in upstate New York where I was frequently subjected to Rush Limbaugh and the idea that liberal thought was ruining our nation. My first introduction to politics was watching the 2000 presidential primaries with my grandfather, who told me that "the only interesting thing that politicians do is run for office, after that it's all downhill." Although oppressive at times, growing up in such a politically charged household gave me a healthy insight into the divide that partisan politics bring to this country. My vision is to see a cooperation unprecedented in a nation of blue and red states. Being the child of veterans I have a healthy patriotism and an enduring vision of the way in which I want to see my country governed, which is admittedly far different than any semblance of "governance" we may currently lay claim to.

I am currently a Political Science major at SUNY Albany, with a concentration in U.S. constitutional law. A passion for constitutional law is perhaps the most boring passion that any human may be blessed with, but it does lend a certain ability to decipher the actions of the highest members of America's government and allows one to grasp the positions that would-be elected officials take in regards to laws while on the campaign trail. Making the difficult decision between going on to law school and entering the real world would be much easier if I were able to fulfill my dream of getting into politics. Part of what drew to the Off the Bus Project was the ability for me to take an active roll in the politics that are shaping our nation. Although only 19 I believe that I have the potential to make a difference in the future of our nation.