First Presidential Debate 2012: Time, Location, How To Follow Along LIVE

DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 03:  As members of the media prepare their television sets, University of Denver students Zach Gonzales
DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 03: As members of the media prepare their television sets, University of Denver students Zach Gonzales (L) and Dia Mohamed stand in for U.S. President Barack Obama, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney during a dress rehearsal for tomorrow's presidential debate at University of Denver on October 2, 2012 in Denver, Colorado. Tomorrow marks the first presidential debate with the two candidates as little more than one month remains before Americans head to the polls to elect their president for the next four years. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

If you want to follow the first presidential debate between Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama in real-time, you have a plethora of options.

This is shaping up to be a heavily live-streamed, live-tweeted, live-blogged and even live-GIF'd, political event.

When is the debate happening?

The debate will begin at 9 p.m. ET tonight at the University of Denver. It will be moderated by Jim Lehrer of PBS NewsHour. (Here's a primer with more details.)

Where will it be live streamed?

A digital coalition involving AOL (parent company of The Huffington Post), Yahoo and Google has been formed. All three will have a live stream of the debate online. You'll also be able to watch the debate live on HuffPost Live.

Other options include YouTube, USTREAM and Xbox Live, according to Mashable's Alex Fitzpatrick.

Where can I have a conversation with other viewers in real-time?

Twitter is likely to be a great place for this. The official Twitter hashtag for the debate is #debates, and for this particular debate, #denverdebate will be used.

HuffPost Live, in addition to its live stream, will offer the ability to comment in real-time with other viewers through a series of conversation hubs.

Where can I find the debate on television?

If you own a TV, it'll be difficult to miss the debate there: NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, PBS, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, MSNBC, C-SPAN, and Univision will all broadcast it live, the Week notes.

What else do I need to know?

Tonight's debate will focus on domestic policy. Here's what to expect in terms of its format. Here are five things to watch for at the debate per Reuters.

There are other fun ways to participate in the debate on the Internet tonight, including WNYC's Debate Bingo, as outlined by Sarah Evans.

There will be two additional presidential debates and a vice presidential debate later this month. Click here for a full schedule and more information.



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