First Sarah Palin and Then Carl Icahn; Who Else Would Be in Trump's Cabinet?

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump says that billionaire hedge fund manager Carl Icahn accepted his offer to be treasury secretary in a Trump administration.

In addition, Trump also said he would pick former Alaska governor Sarah Palin for a top cabinet position if he was elected president.

What else can we speculate about the rest of a Trump cabinet?

Quite a bit - given his record:

Vice President: Sarah Palin
Trump's mention of Palin, a former vice presidential candidate, raised hopes among right-wing bloggers that he would select her as his running mate. Such an announcement also would be met with enthusiasm from the nation's satirists, comedians, comedy writers, and editorial cartoonists.

Secretary of State: Dennis Rodman
Trump praised the cross-dressing former NBA player and celebrity apprentice for his trip to North Korea where he met with the country's leader, Kim Jong-Un. "I was able to get a sense of his soul," Rodman said. He added that Kim's soul looked a lot like Trump's.

Attorney General: Joe Arpaio
Trump recently praised the Maricopa County sheriff during a campaign trip to Arizona. Arpaio made his reputation by harassing, arresting, and deporting Mexican immigrants, regardless of whether they were criminal suspects or whether they were in the United States illegally.

Secretary of the Interior: Cliven Bundy
Bundy, a Nevada cattle rancher, became a darling of conservatives by challenging federal government restrictions. Bundy told the media that the "negro" was "better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn't get no more freedom. They got less freedom."

Secretary of Defense: Rudy Giuliani
Trump is such good friends with the former New York City mayor that they frequently double date with their respective egos. The two men agree that America used to be a great country until it started electing black presidents, and that war is the answer, regardless of the question. Like Giuliani, Trump went to great lengths to avoid serving in the Vietnam War and is contemptuous of anyone who serves in the military. Trump, for his part, believes that Arizona Sen. John McCain is a slacker for spending the war as a POW.

Secretary of Education: Rick Perry
Trump and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry have exchanged insults since becoming rivals in the presidential campaign. But Trump has praised Perry in the past. Trump perhaps realizes that Perry could lower education standards in the United States like he did in Texas, low enough perhaps that more Americans will think Trump makes sense.