First Step: Win the Senate Seat in Louisiana on Dec 10!

One thing we can all actually do TODAY is help Foster Campbell in the run-off for Louisiana Senator against Republican John Kennedy. The election is December 10th. Campbell got 17% vs John Kennedy's 25% in a crowded field.

If we win this seat in Louisiana, we only need to win 2 additional seats in 2018 to flip the Senate.

Here's Campbell's website. You can donate there.

I don't know much about this guy, but he's clearly better than the alternative (in an election where David Duke got almost 60,000 votes!!!).

Also, apparently, as gleaned from my reading of Louisiana local newspapers, the make-or-break here will be whether the other Dem contenders can get on board behind Campbell after a bloody race. Which I bet they will, given the circumstances, but it would help to let them know that the whole country is watching and this is really important. The main contender is Caroline Fayard. You can email her campaign here with a very quick note saying "please for the good of the country get 100% behind Campbell!". Or something like that. Also at:

Lets act. Not just talk about our rage. More constructive ideas coming soon ...