50 First-Time Experiences (Besides Sex) That We'll Never Forget

There is nothing like your first time.

We know what you're thinking, but life offers up any number of memorable "first times." The first time you purchase a 45. The first time you see your newborn child. The first time you eat kale.

We asked our Facebook fans about the first-time experiences they will never forget -- besides sex -- and received an avalanche of responses. As expected, many people said they'd never forget their first child being born. But there were a lot of other interesting "firsts" as well. Here are just 50 of them below. Have your own ideas? Let us know in comments!

1) "Being there when the kids were born. Gruesome and unforgettable," said Jim Britt.

2) "Falling in love!" said Christine Boone.

5) "Grateful Dead show!!!" said Erin Scholnick-Lee.

old grateful dead concert

7) "The first time performing with a band for an audience. Fish and Grits night in Bayou Le Batre," said Thomas Wojciechowski.

8) "Going into an AA meeting," said Mindy Mitchell.

10) "Visiting New York City," said Olivia Romero.

new york city skyline

14) "My first pony ride," said Marsha Lutsky Hoak.

black forest cake

19) "Driving a stick shift! It was a nightmare; however, years later when I had my little blue Volkswagen I managed to get the hang of it. Ha!" said Jane Thompson.

20) "Flying from Calgary to Vancouver and seeing the Rockies for the first time. Then driving down to Vancouver city center and all the cherry blossom trees were in full bloom," said Lisa A. Sharples.

cherry blossoms in vancouver

24) "First trip to Europe!" said Cheryl Ann LaValais.

25) "Riding a roller coaster!" said Kate Blake.

a roller coaster

27) "The first time I saw the Grand Canyon," said Eileen Gindin Spiegel.

29) "First time I tied my own shoes. Huge accomplishment at age four!" said Wendy Wincote Schweikert.

kid riding bike without training wheels

31) "First kiss!" said Pam Jessurun Williams.

32) "Hang gliding off Aspen Mountain! Wow! First apartment... and in NYC!! (Long ago... great!)," said Gail Hughes Galli.

33) "Being promoted to first degree black belt. I remember the subsequent three black belts I've since earned, and they each mean something different to me. But the first one is always the most memorable!" said Cindy Wiora.

34) "Quitting smoking," said Larisa Girbea.

kid looking at moon

37) "Snorkeling in Hawaii," said Sandi Alatorre.

39) "My first half marathon," said Laureen Lund.

kid flying on a plane for the first time

41) "First day of school, so exciting. First ride on a train, so much fun. First time I lock eyes with another old soul is always thrilling," said Michelle Ethridge.

42) "Getting married!!" said Charlene Holbrook.

43) "Flying, skiing, kayaking," said Edith Rosnay.

44) "Sailing alone in the ocean," said Eric Best.

whale spouting out in ocean

46) "Driving a car, having first-born," said Kathy Metz-Barreiro.

beatles on ed sullivan show



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