First, Women Are Sickened. Then We're Angry.

Michelle Obama explained from her heart with exceptional eloquence that there is no excuse for the behavior of a presidential candidate who demeans and harasses women.

I'm somewhat older than Michelle, and my sickened feeling has turned to anger. I'm hopeful that next week, she will find that space. Because that is what Donald Trump deserves. As she explained, character is at the heart of this election. If you dismiss vulgar behavior because issues of taxation or immigration are more important than a candidate's despicable views of women, minorities and those with disabilities, you have not studied values. We all have core values, among them what Michelle Obama referred to as decency, which guide our behaviors. Core or "terminal" values inform instrumental ones that guide our daily choices in a variety of arenas.

It's time to be angry. There are few women who have been spared demeaning behavior due to their gender. It makes you sick. But after that pit-in-the-stomach feeling passes and once you are mature enough to realize that letting it pass only encourages it, the anger emerges.

That's what women -- and men who are equally offended -- need to take to the polls. We should take our core values. We should take our decency. We should take our anger. Because we cannot allow future generations to watch us sit this one out and hand our country over to a vulgar man who, no matter what you like about his platform, will demean us all.

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