Fish Attacks Cats, Turns Our World Upside Down

Fish Attacks Cats, Turns Our World Upside Down

Has nature gone cray?

As one kitty peers over the pond's edge, the other climbs onto its companion's back for a better view. Then the fish, speculated in some reports to be a pike in a Japanese koi carp pond, strikes.

The unexpected turn is not as shocking as it might seem.

"Pike and Muskie are both voracious visual predators and are known to attack ducks on the water, but also will lunge on to the shore to attack smaller prey," Jeffrey Levinton, Distinguished Professor of Ecology and Evolution at Stony Brook University, explained to The Huffington Post. "A scan through YouTube will show other such attacks on other prey like ducks. But of course kitties trump all."

Many YouTube commenters wrote that the slow-motion shows both cats getting away. We sure hope they're right!

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