Man With Fish Hook Stuck In Rear End Fires Gun To Alert Police

Firing a gun in the air isn't an ordinary way to call police -- but when you have a fish hook stuck in your rear end and you believe someone is breaking into your house, it's no ordinary emergency.

A Frederick, Md., man allegedly fired several shots inside his home in hopes of alerting police officers about what he believed was an attempted break-in.

But while fleeing the perceived threat on June 20, Charles Akin Rempe managed to get a fish hook snagged in his posterior, police told AOL Weird News.

"He felt that there were people that were trying to break into his home -- he thought he was in danger," said Lieutenant Clark Pennington, of the Frederick Police Department. "The fish hook was a result of the actions he took to get away from perceived danger."

Afraid of a possible threat, Rempe locked himself in the closet and started firing his gun in an attempt to attract police attention, according to WTSP.

When officers visited the 52-year-old's residence investigating a noise complaint, Rempe told officers he was happy they arrived, Frederick News Post reports.

Though other media outlets have noted that Rempe wanted police attention for help removing the fish hook from his buttocks, Pennington says the suspect sought police assistance because he believed someone was breaking into his home.

"We responded because we believed that there was a danger because of the shots," said Pennington. "We also wanted to investigate his claim that he believed he was endangered."

Police have not yet filed charges against Rempe, who remains hospitalized. Investigators plan to accuse him of discharging a firearm.

"We want to look at doing that for reasons of obtaining and retaining his firearm," said Pennington.


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