A Fisherman Thought He Caught A Rock. He Snagged A Prehistoric Treasure Instead.

The Nebraska man said he initially believed the underwater find was the skeleton of a catfish or deer.

A Nebraska man fishing in a tournament got more than he bargained for after casting his line into the Missouri River earlier this month.

Andy Moore was fishing west of Yankton, South Dakota, when he snagged a rock in the water and kayaked over to take a closer look, reported NBC affiliate WOWT.

“I get up to it, and I’m like, ‘Oh wow! That’s kind of cool,’” Moore told the outlet.

“I thought it was a big catfish skeleton or a deer skeleton. Something told me to take a picture of this.”

Moore shared pictures of the object online, WOWT said, and someone reached out to suggest that it could be a prehistoric fossil.

The fisherman later contacted a biologist with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who confirmed to WOWT that Moore’s find seems to be a predator fish fossil that is up to 90 million years old.

“I’m still kind of mind-blown about the whole thing,” Moore said.

The fossil won’t be underwater anymore, as it’s now being prepared for display at the Lewis and Clark Visitor Center in Crofton, Nebraska.

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