Fishtail Braid Video Teaches This Beauty Novice (VIDEO)

A beauty novice tested out the trend.

As a beauty novice, the most elaborate thing I do with my hair is a topknot. Occasionally I'll try a messy side braid, but french braiding is out of the question. (I don't have the skills for that.) However I've been wanting to try a fishtail braid for some time, and I heard it's not that hard to achieve.

After scouring YouTube I picked a tutorial that showed me to how create my very own fishtail braid. I decided on The Beauty Department's video for a few reasons. Firstly, it was one of the shorter videos on the subject (which often means it's more straightforward). The video also had a ton of pageviews, so I knew it was popular, and finally, Lauren Conrad was the demonstrator -- win, win, win!

The Tutorial:

Pros: The video showed the entire braiding process, so I was able to observe the process from start to finish.

Cons: The video did a lot of showing rather than telling. They did not go into a lot of detail as to where to take the hair from when you're braiding, so it took me a bit of trial and error to get the best-looking braid.

Final result:

fishtail braid

Difficulty: Easy -- eventually I could handle this with my eyes closed.

So, who did it better, LC or the beauty novice?

fishtail braid video

Check out different braids throughout history:

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