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Fit New Year

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May you be stronger.
Pretty much all of our ills are made worse by weakness. Power developed by strengthening our muscle guides all of our body's motions in efficient ways. Weakness leaves us open to repeated injury. Power feels good, increasing the endorphins that induce bliss.

May you be more flexible.
Stiffness--a decreased range of motion of joints--causes strain on other body parts. Tight hamstrings lead to back pain. Flexibility comes from stretching, swimming, pilates, yoga and other sports that focus on expanding your range of motion.


May you be coordinated.
Coordination and balance are diminished with ageing and through lack of practice. Pick up sports and activities that emphasise coordination...not video or VR games, but ballroom dancing, tai chi and ping-pong ...

May you be calmer.
Meditation's goal is to put space between your brain and your tongue. Calming the mind will permit you make good decisions, say nice things and approach life in a less stressed way.

May you be faster.
Faster in the athletic endeavours where you seek speed, and faster in making good decisions. Processing speed can be trained, and muscles conditioned. It takes effort to move and respond more quickly, and practice to do it well.

May you eat well.
High quality food comes from the ground, and we are very fortunate to have access to it. Decisions about what to eat and when to eat it determine your health and sense of well-being as much as any other choice. Choose well, and eat locally sourced, naturally grown and unprocessed foods. Focus on protein, fruits and vegetables (and plain tap water) first, and let the other foods you enjoy be treats.

May you live well.
Each day educate yourself, contribute to the world, be a good person and have fun. These are our daily goals, and we share them with you in hopes they put sparkle in your life.