Fitness Gadgets: Tech Gizmos To Keep You In Shape

The right fitness gadgets can act like your very own personal trainer, helping you monitor your weight-loss efforts and keep your workouts on target. Now, with the number of fitness apps available, health advice is at your fingertips.

But not all fitness gadgets are created equal. Some gizmos designed to help you lose weight are just plain weird -- but others, like the armband monitors featured here, can help you zero-in on the results you want.

Andy Baryer of GetConnectedMedia.com models four monitors that can help you analyze your fitness efforts by keeping track of pace, distance, calories burned, calorie intake and more. All sync with smart phones or computers to keep track of your results over time, so you can adjust your fitness plans accordingly.

"Real-time recording lets you get an idea of what you're doing while you're training," says Baryer. Watch the video to find out which monitor is best for you.