Celebrity Fitness Trainer Elina Shaffy Has Nothin' But 'A-List' Clients, Including Jon Peters, Robert Shapiro & Elliot Mintz

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Elina Shaffy's Got Nothin' But A-List Clients, Including Jon Peters, Robert Shapiro & Elliot Mintz
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Serious when it comes to fitness, the 2012 Miss USA/Universe contestant from Beverly Hills was an anomaly among competitors. She basically entered on a whim. But when it comes to physical fitness and training clients, she’s all business.

Miss USA/Universe Pageant

Most pageant contestants seek fame and fortune or presumably participate in these events to leverage their careers in some capacity. Miss Shaffy’s involvement in any cavalcade of beauty was a recreational endeavor. If you can get her to discuss it, she’ll tell you that her friends and talent representation strongly encouraged her to enter the pageant. But she was quite indifferent to the pomp and circumstance surrounding international pageantry. She said it wasn’t necessarily on her ‘bucket list’, giving the impression that it was more of a ‘been there, done that’ kind of activity for the fitness model and trainer.

With humble modesty, she’s proud of such accolades, but pageantry does not typically make her list of notable mentions. It is discussed here because she does consider fitness conditioning in preparation for pageantry as beneficial to the wellness of contestants. And in turn, these entrants are poised to be role models for others in pursuit of their wellbeing.

Shaffy is far more interested in talking about her inspirational clients. She also mentioned an upcoming feature about her fitness programs for Maxim Africa, which she hopes will reach a demographic that she can inspire herself.

Spokeswoman for Shape Up America

While she definitely agreed that success in pageantry requires making fitness a habit, she is committed to raising awareness for healthy living in underserved communities in Southern California and around the country.

Shaffy was a spokesperson for Shape Up America and advocates for regular exercise as an activity that is immeasurably critical to physical and mental welfare. She says, “While aesthetic considerations are so often contemplated particularly here in Los Angeles, the benefits to health are clearly much more important.”

She says, ”Growing up, I was heavy-set and peer pressure definitely prompted me to become a fitness junkie.” Furthermore she said, “Fitness is truly part of my lifestyle; It keeps me healthy in mind and soul, and undoubtedly in shape.”

-Trust of America’s “State of Obesity”-

While she offers that looking good is relevant to her clients working in the entertainment industry, it is obviously vital to their wellbeing. She said, “It goes without saying that obesity leads to countless secondary health problems from cardiovascular disease to diabetes.”

“You would think California would have the lowest rate of adult obesity, but we are the fifth lowest in the US. A Center for Disease Control survey from last year suggests California is behind Massachusetts, Washington DC, Hawaii and Colorado in adult obesity [rates].” Shaffy is an ardent proponent of initiatives for children as well as adults that are preemptive in thwarting excessive and unhealthy weight gain.

On Boxing.....

“Physical fitness is just one facet of wellness.” Shaffy said, “Losing weight is not just a physical challenge; It very much is a journey into conditioning the mind. I inspire my clients to transform physically and I empower them mentally.” She shared that one of her clients (Robert Shapiro) is an avid boxer. Citing this article in Vogue, she encourages both female and male clients to consider boxing and martial arts as activities that promote both mental and physical wellbeing.

“Even though I work with public figures, looking good is really a bonus—Feeling good is the goal.” She mentions this in a 2015 interview for the digital lifestyle magazine Shapefit.

Shaffy concedes that by looking good she motivates her clients, helping them build confidence. Her social media feeds have been described as “shock and awe with nothin’ but pics,” but she says there is actually a “method to the madness” when it comes to curating her social media feeds. Indeed, she approaches social media with an unapologetic indifference to promotion and advertisement. She says, “Social media outlets largely give me a platform to motivate my existing clients and followers.” She says that because her clients are referred to her primarily by word-of-mouth referrals, she doesn’t use the digital venues to advertise.

Shaffy may not take herself too seriously, but she does take her career seriously. Fitness is neither her brand nor business; It is her life and lifestyle. And training others is an opportunity to impart a wisdom as well as teach by example. What she does as a fitness trainer is really a natural evolution and progression for anyone in her position of expertise.

‘Dream Team’

Among a selection of notable clients, is truly a ‘Dream Team’ of Hollywood legends, which has more clout and recognition than the member countries of NATO.

Jon Peters, Elina Shaffy w/Elliot Mintz, Elliot Mintz w/ Robert Shapiro

This esteemed group of ‘A-Listers’, includes iconic Academy-award winning film producer Jon Peters, renowned attorney to the stars Robert Shapiro, and critically acclaimed PR guru & publicist Elliot Mintz.

Since she was born and raised right here in Beverly Hills, she has been immersed in a culture of fame and fortune with perhaps divine intention. And so in many ways the fitness model was made for Hollywood.

Many trade a white picket fence in the “US Interior” to pursue of a career in entertainment, hoping for an exclusive and luxurious lifestyle afforded to Hollywood’s movers and shakers. But Shaffy’s West Coast beginnings made fitness training a natural fit for her.

It’s not a familiarity with posh and privilege, but rather an unfamiliarity with what it’s like to be starstruck that may be an advantage for her. Even with her own credits in health and fitness publications, her unique devotion to helping brand her clients, rather than herself is refreshing for LA standards.

Shaffy’s clients require someone poised to coach the highly ambitious and often highly demanding. While coaching and motivating couch surfers, unfamiliar with celebrity may require one skill set, consulting individuals who are already disciplined and driven with unyielding tenacity requires another. Although she can wrangle overnight reality stars, she much prefers the challenge of working with the most established and distinguished.

Another Day at the Office...

Another day at the gym for most trainers, is just another day at the office for the rest of, but for Shaffy, her unique clientele dictates her that she be on top of her game 24/7. If you think of her caliber of clients profiled below, it may be more obvious.

In early 2017, when many Americans had more hope that the POTUS would “Make America Great Again”, Jon Peters offered his first interview in decades. With casual sincerity, Peters unapologetically proclaimed to be the “Trump of Hollywood” in the engaging discourse with The Hollywood Reporter.

But unlike Trump, who inherited a fortune, Peters made his and can navigate a political landscape with much more finesse and success. In fact, the ‘reclusive renegade” who is among the wealthiest and powerful of Hollywood's elite, could teach Trump a thing or two, if not education warranting the credentials of an honorary degree. Trump should be honored and humbled to warrant the moniker— “The Jon Peters of Politicians”.

Hollywood’s brash and bold-as-he-wants-to-be influencer went from styling hair at a family-owned salon to producing epic, award-winning feature films. So, he can call himself whatever he wants. And excuse the digression, but I think Elina and I would endorse Peters should he run for office.

Their client-trainer relationship has lasted far longer than Trump’s relationship with a vast majority of his advisers. In addition, I think it is fair to say that Peters looks like he is in much better shape than the President of the United States.

Renowned publicist, radio personality and multimedia mogul Elliot Mintz has represented some of the most coveted 'A-List’ influencers among celebrities and public figures of modern-day (and recent time), including Paris Hilton and the late John Lennon.

Mintz has interviewed iconic stars, with a roster of celebrities and public figures that could make Larry King and Barbara Walters envious. Included, are the following entertainment icons: Mort Sahl, Norman Mailer, Ray Bradbury, Alan Watts, Salvador Dali, Jack Lemmon, John Wayne, Groucho Marx, Timothy Leary, Jack Nicholson, Alan Ginsburg, Jayne Mansfield, Raquel Welch, Donna Summer, John Coltrane, Stevie Wonder, Ringo Starr, Alice Cooper, Bob Dylan, Kim Kardashian, Diana Ross and Mick Jagger.

Elliot Mintz w/ Elina Shaffy

Mintz has handled reputation management for the most visible, and in some cases controversial people in Hollywood. Included, are 'legacy' couples like the John Lennon (listed above) and Yoko Ono, and Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.

Robert Shapiro was not only the leading litigator of the "Dream Team” which was comprised of Johnnie Cochran, Robert Kardashian, Barry Scheck, F. Lee Bailey, Alan Dershowitz, Gerald Uelmen, Carl Douglas, and Peter Neufeld, he served as legal counsel for one of the Team’s members. He represented numerous public figures and their families, including Johnny Carson and Christian Brando. Following the Simpson case, he went on to represent F. Lee Bailey.

Elina Shaffy & Jordan Schaul

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(Published on September 4, 2017)

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