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Snowed In: The At-Home Winter Workout

Let the inches pile up on the ground and not on your waist with a customized home workout from celebrity trainer Noah Neiman.
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Snowed in but determined to stay on track with your summer bod?

Let the inches pile up on the ground and not on your waist with a customized home workout from celebrity trainer Noah Neiman.

"Time based callisthenic/plyometric circuits for at home workouts are big calorie burners. They are wildly effective for gaining muscular endurance while conditioning the body," says Neiman.

The no equipment routine is a series of four minute circuits that keep the body safely under duress to perform strength training movements.

Strict body building moves, coupled with a plyometrics get the heart rate up and engage the muscles in a targeted attack.

Short bursts of high-intensity workouts have gained in popularity over the years thanks to the Tabata training method.

TABATA is a move or series of moves performed intensely for 20 seconds, followed by a ten second rest period, repeated for eight rounds for a total of four minutes.

However, most people cannot effectively perform Tabata with the appropriate energy for the intense portion for the whole 4 minutes. Neiman's approach modifies the Tabata timing sequence to allow a stronger and more consistent workout.

Four-minute circuits with a 1-2 minute rest in between reps. Repeat at least 4 times with a max of 10 times.

Repeat as many rounds as possible for 3 minutes
20 Squats
10 jump lunges with hands overhead (or 10 alternating lunges if injury or athletic level prohibits jumping)
10 walking planks (hold a plank position on your elbows, walk up onto your palms one at a time holding proper plank position throughout, "walk" back down to your elbows. Repeat changing which hand you lead off with each time
15 Hand walkouts with pushups (walk your hands away from your feet into pushup position. Hit 1-10 pushups depending on proficiency. walk your hands back to your feet and stand up)

Final minute of the circuit
30 seconds of popcorn squats (squat, jump your feet together as you stand straight up, jump down into squat position)
30 seconds of high knees

Noah says the key to a great physique is "no gimmicks, just hard work. Our bodies
respond best when we exercise with intensity and purpose. "