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The problem with most mainstream diets and workout plans is that they assume a one-size-fits-all approach. But, as you know, our bodies are all unique, so what works for your friend might not be best for you, and vice versa. Hiring a personal trainer can help you get the individualized plan you need, but they don’t come cheap. Fortunately, a subscription to Fitterclub does.

Fitterclub is more than just a fitness app; it’s an affordable online community of over 1 million people who help you reach your health and fitness goals through personalized workouts and nutrition plans.

You’ll start by taking a simple questionnaire that’ll lead to a tailor-made workout and nutrition program just for you. Depending on your responses, you could receive a schedule as simple as training for just 30 minutes a day. As far as healthy eating goes, you can choose what you want for meal guidance and Fitterclub will provide healthy recipes.

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Whether you want to lose some weight, tone up, or just live a healthier lifestyle, your program will be tailored to you and only you. It’s basically like having a personal trainer that lives in your phone.

Skip the gym this summer and finally see some results with the help of a Fitterclub Personal Training membership. Choose between a one-year, three-year or five-year subscription, available for $19, $29 or $39, respectively.

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Fitterclub Personal Training: 1-Year Membership - $19

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Fitterclub Personal Training: 3-Year Membership - $29

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