Fitz' Final Closing

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Fitz starts off yelling "Madness," referring to the defense closing arguments.

Without Tim Russert ever coming to court to testify, they could convict on the Tim Russert charges. If he got hit by a bus last month and died, and went to the great newsroom in the sky before trial, they could still convict by proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

One of the myths in this case is that Wilson's wife wasn't important and that's why Libby forgot it. She was important as an argument to attack Joseph Wilson.

Exh. 702-A. "Joe Wilson, Valerie Wilson." It's a fingerprint. He's wrapped himself around the issue of Joseph Wilson and Valerie Wilson.

Grossman knew name Joe Wilson, gave it to defendant and told Libby his wife worked there. Same for Cathie Martin. Same for Craig Schmall.

[Ted Wells is staring down at the defense table, not looking at Ftiz or the jury.]

703-A. Schmall. Cheney and Libby are together with Schmall. the hand written note has Cheney asking "Did you read about the Novak article?" It's a fingerprint that on July 14 says the VP and Libby had read the Novak column and their brains are wrapped around the Wilson problem.

The question of who sent Wilson to Niger is important. It's the biggest question on the Vice President's mind. The day after the Wilson op-ed, the VP is asking whether his wife sent him on a junket.

Fitz remains animated, he's talking very fast. Too fast. He's racing through slides of exhibits as fast as Wells was. He has a huge reservoir of knowledge of the details in the case. He's also trying Cheney here as much as Libby.

His words are the final ones the jury will hear. Tomorrow the judge will instruct the jury on the law and then they will begin deliberations.