Five Awesome Things About Consent #SAAM

Despite the irony, Donald Trump has officially declared April to be Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The unfortunate reality is this month is needed because sexual violence and abuse still play a major role in societies across the globe. Just this week, The New York Times dropped a report detailing Bill O’Reilly’s history of settling sexual harassment accusations out of court and President Trump came to his defense. We’re only one week into the month…

It’s clear movements like Sexual Assault Awareness Month are needed. The reality of rape culture can’t be denied and misunderstandings around consent are prevalent on university campuses across the country. Consent is above all else the most important thing in sexual encounters.

Lack of consent leads to sexual assault. If you are planning on touching another person’s body in any way, you NEED to ask for consent first. Consent is the sexy and endearing key to sexual encounters. Need some convincing? Steve Shives’ new video highlights the five awesome things about consent.

  1. It’s Empowering: Consent means you get to decide. Respect consent and empower other people to control their lives in private and intimate circumstances.
  2. It’s Affirmative: Consent should be enthusiastic. It does not mean “not no.” Consent should be something both parties are excited about. It shouldn’t be a collective shrug.
  3. It Can Be Given Or Revoked At Will: You’re well within your right to grant consent or revoke it at any time. If you’re not comfortable, say so.
  4. It Allows Everyone Involved To Have A Good Time: Consent isn’t an obstacle you have to overcome. With consent, things are safe, clear, and no one feels pressure to perform outside of their comfort zone.
  5. It Keeps You From Becoming A Rapist: no explanation needed here.