Five Comics Giving (Anti) Environmental Messages

"A joke is a very serious thing," Winston Churchill once said. And this legendary politician had it right: Comedy is one influential tool, often a telling indicator of the undercurrent of a common view point.

A joke can be a harmless way of self depreciation--or a lesson taught with precision. It can also be a powerful weapon. All of the five comics below arguably give a negative jab to the green movement--but does that makes them less green?

These comics also indirectly warn us about the bandwagon, the clan of uncommitted green hopefuls that planted a tree or two or bought a shiny green product on the rack...and continued to fly private jets to the Amazon deforestation party.

The fact is, for any kind of positive global environmental change, we need a watchdog. And, frankly, the pro environment comics we came across are just not all that funny.

The five comic writers below give us a nice kick in the pants.

1. The Planting a Few Trees Doesn't Change Driving a Gas Guzzling SUV Comic
gas tree suv comic photo

2. The Less Toilet Paper is Not the Best Green Decision to Make Comictoilet paper global warming comic photo

3. The "Green" Celebrity Who Flies a Private Plane Comic
global warming celebrity jet photo

Comic courtesy of Word Press

4. The Setting Arbitrary Pollution Goals Comic
government pollution comic photo

Comic via Majari Magazine

5. The Uneducated Recycling Moron Comic
recycling paper comic photo

Comic via Archie Comics