5 Effective Remedies for the Post-Summer Blues

Are you ready for the transition to a new season? A melancholy sadness can creep into our spirit as summer closes.
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Are you ready for the transition to a new season? A melancholy sadness can creep into our spirit as summer closes. For some, it harkens back to our childhood. The loss of freedom and joy, of carefree days playing with friends, the literal and figurative warmth of summer evenings, combined with the knowledge of imminent confinement to the four walls of a classroom, can create a lasting fear deep inside us that is still felt every year at this time. The quiet child inside our adult selves is still nervous to begin a school year with new classmates and teachers. There is also the dread as adults of vacations coming to an end. September begins a natural time of change in the rhythms of the year -- a season for shifting, getting ready for harvest, and preparation for the winter season ahead. The sun is becoming noticeably lower in the sky, rising later, and setting sooner, signaling our biorhythms that there are only several weeks left until the Fall Equinox, at which time the nights become longer than days in the Northern Hemisphere. We start to feel wistful, nostalgic, and sometimes more seriously saddened and heartbroken at a sense of underlying loss.

We are born to be joyous, but sometimes we need a little nudge to get us there. I am a very sensitive person, and I often feel the weight of the collective consciousness. I feel things at a very deep level, and have found that consciously preparing myself for shifts has helped me so much with transitions. I depend on my spiritual practice to carry me. It is not enough to say, "Oh, just change your attitude." We all have tools that can bring us out of those blues and into the natural joyfulness of our own being.

Here are five wonderful ways to transition out of the late summer blues. These tips can help you swing back to radiance:

1) Gratitude. As a daily practice, first thing in the morning, wake up and think of five things for which you are grateful. Write them in a gratitude journal if you like. Hold them in your consciousness for the day. Pay close attention to the simple things. The sun shining in your room, soft cool sheets, the blueness of the autumn sky, the smell of coffee brewing, the gentle rise and fall of breath from loved ones sleeping around you. I often give thanks for the extra time I had with my father before he passed away. By focusing on the beauty of the moments we shared instead of the sadness in my heart, I am able to uplift my soul with gratitude instead of concentrating on the longing I feel for his morning phone calls.

2) Presence. We tend to start making plans for the future or reminiscing on the beauties of the summer, and all that is lovely. Give yourself a moment to be present in the now. Feel yourself sitting in your chair while listening to the sounds around you, and release the thoughts racing in your mind. Without manipulating anything, just observe where your thoughts are going. Allow yourself to experience any heaviness or sorrow, and then surrender it to the Divine. Without planning ahead and without looking back, be in the moment of bliss. This very moment is such a gift.

3) Breathe. There is a special breath technique in the yogic tradition to help focus your mind on the joy that is being hidden. We call it a square breath -- slowly inhale for a count of 8, hold your breath for a count of 8, exhale slowly for a count of 8, and hold your breath out for a count of 8. Feel the flow of the breath gradually filling your lungs as you inhale, and gently releasing as you exhale. I like to think of a balloon in my lower belly which expands while inhaling and deflates while exhaling. When my mind wonders, I imagine the balloon in a beautiful color with golden light filling the balloon on each inhale. Practice this square breath for three minutes to achieve a positive enhancement in the chemistry of your brain.

4) Intention. Late summer is a natural time to make plans for the season ahead. Set your intentions, create a daily routine, and then release it to your guardian angels. Allow the universe to support you with your deepest dreams. When I take my children to purchase back to school supplies, I also treat myself to new colorful pens and papers. This is the time of year when I create my vision board for fresh new beginnings. You can draw your intentions with uplifting words and cut pictures from magazines to design a lovely artistic creation. When you look at it next September, you will be amazed at how many miracles you have attracted into your life!

5) Forgive and Love. Allow yourself to let go and be free of the grip of resentments. Late summer is a perfect season for forgiveness. This does not mean excusing wrongdoing, or staying in relationships with those who have hurt you; rather, it is about releasing the hold that others' actions may have on you so that you can move on and make real changes in your life. Use an affirmation that you can repeat to yourself when resentment comes up. As an example: "All people need love and compassion, those who have hurt me are just hurting inside." The benefit you gain from releasing resentment far exceeds the need to dwell in blame. Send love. Reach out. Share your heart. Send a note, an email or a text. I love to send actual cards made of paper, written with ink. The more energy we put into this, the more it will vibrate. When we send love and forgiveness to others, a circle is created that resonates into the universe -- creating joy that extends out into the hearts of all. These circles amplify like the ripples in a pond that extend out across the entire surface. They are frequencies of light that bring happiness to others, and joy to our hearts. We are blessed by being in the center of that wonderful ripple of goodness.

I truly hope that these five tips help you to transition comfortably into a time of new beginnings. Breathe in this day and feel the blessings of the sun and the ripe earth. We are joyous beings, and that is the deepest truth within us. If you are feeling the blues and underlying anxiety of the new season ahead, you are not alone. But remember there is joy underneath it all, ready to emerge, and there are ways to shift, and tools to uplift your soul into our natural sensations of light and happiness.

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