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Five Ideas to Jumpstart Your 2015

At 27, I think I'm finally starting to get it. I may be on to something. Here are my five tips for rocking out in 2015...
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Every year, we hear about the same resolutions: "I want to drop 17 pounds!" "I need to be better at saving money!" "I'm going to be a better..." Blah, blah, blah. But what if there were just a few simple tips to making every year your "best" year yet?

Unfortunately, I don't hold the secret to happiness. (Does that even exist?!) There are days I wake up on the wrong side of the bed for absolutely NO reason, and there have been plenty of times I've called my loving family members and best girlfriends for lengthy pep talks. But at 27, I think I'm finally starting to get it. I may be on to something. Here are my five tips for rocking out in 2015:

1. Stop with the "what-ifs." I am the Queen of "what if." I imagine what will happen in the future, play out elaborate, fictitious scenarios in my head, and attempt to solve make-believe difficulties coming my way. And guess what? It's a total waste of energy. Don't inject yourself into a circumstance that you may very well never come across. In reality, all you're doing is wasting your energy on obstacles that may never interfere with your journey. So what if [insert made-up future predicament] actually happens? Who cares! You'll cross that bridge when (and if) you get there. I know from experience that 99 percent of the time you'll never meet those demons. It's mind f**kery. Bottom line: do not live in the future. You'll drown in a pool of needless anxiety.

2. Cancel the bad. My lovely grandmother Evelyn recently taught me the most amazing secret to weeding out the bad. When you get one of those nasty thoughts (AKA: "OMG! I'm never going to find my soulmate!"), just say CANCEL. Heck, say it a few times (aloud). It works wonders, and it's so easy. Step one: negative thought crosses your mind. Step two: CANCEL. CANCEL. CANCEL. Then, if you're feeling really motivated, add a step three: replace that unpleasant thought with something positive. It can be anything. You'd be surprised at the small amount of good that can conquer a seemingly great amount of bad. So you're never going to find your soulmate? **CANCEL. CANCEL.** Then, insert: "I am blessed with an amazing, kind heart that someone will one day be lucky enough to hold. Watch out, world!"

3. Waiting for the weekend is a crime. I recently read a lovely quote (NOTE: I am a HUGE fan of motivational quotes. Stick those bad boys everywhere you can!) that said something along the lines of, "People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness." That really stuck with me. Why do you want to save that chic, feminine berry lip color for the weekend? Wear it to work on a Tuesday. Carry that expensive handbag until there are holes in the bottom. Don't wait for Saturday night to meet up with your best friend -- throw on some heels, and do a chic weeknight dinner. Life is too short to WAIT. We have but a finite amount of time on this planet to leave our mark. So make every day count. Your weeks will feel fuller, and your life will be more complete.

4. Be more selfish. Period. You are your own biggest cheerleader, your own greatest fan. Don't let others push you to the bottom of your own ladder. There are unique circumstance which demand you give of yourself -- maybe a friend/family member is in dire need of assistance. But in the grand scheme of things, PUT YOURSELF FIRST. You're tired and feel like bailing on happy hour? Do it. Your body probably needs the rest. You had a shitty first date, but he wants to take you out again? Nope. You can't make it. Don't be so afraid of pissing other people off that you forget your own needs. I've struggled with this in the past. We think saying no is selfish, and being selfish is a sin. Right? Not even. I'm not saying to not give a flying f**k about anything, but don't feel ashamed to put yourself on a pedestal. It is YOUR life after all.

5. Comparison is the root of all evil. Theodore Roosevelt (and my daddy) have taught me a truly invaluable lesson: "Comparison is the thief of joy." Seriously, though. Comparing yourself to anyone gets you nowhere. Well, actually, it might get you into a rut -- but that's about it. I'm a strong believer in building up the people we love. I want to be successful, happy, and fabulous. And I want those same wonderful things for my family/friends/loved ones. But guess what -- we'll all have different means to our ends. Comparing yourself to others is an energy-sucker. Looking at someone with "way more" will probably make you feel jealous. Then, let's flip it. Take a look at someone with "way less," and you'll probably feel guilty. Why have I been so blessed when Person A is facing Problems XYZ? Neither of these perspectives are healthy -- comparison is a lose-lose. And let's face it -- you'll never truly understand what's really going on behind the scenes of another person's life. Embrace your own journey. Help others when you can, but don't lose your own focus along the way.

This list could go on (and on, and on...), but hey, what do I know? I'm just a 27-year-old trying to make it in this big ol' world. And we learn as we go, right?

Thanks to 2014 for being a magnificent journey, and here's to 2015 being nothing short of amazing. You and I both have the tools, the wisdom, and the guidance we need to make our lives complete -- it's our job to let 'er rip! READY, SET, GO!