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Five Important Things To Do Before You Quit Smoking

Since quitting can be pretty difficult as evident from the data above, I am suggesting a different approach.
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A recent article published on Huffington Post revealed that cigarette smoking still causes about 443,000 deaths in the US alone. In the report, Dr. Mercola reported that irrespective of age at which the decision is made quitting can be extremely beneficial.

Such decision could help avoid unnecessary mortality issues that have been linked with excessive smoking. A report from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey in 2009-2010 revealed that 47% of smokers desire to overcome the addiction. The disappoint data revealed from the survey however is that barely 13% of smokers are able to successfully quit the habit.

This drives home the point that resisting the urge to light up a cigarette (or puffing a weed) could be difficult indeed. Many smokers out there wonder how and if it's possible to break free from the addiction.

Since quitting can be pretty difficult as evident from the data above, I am suggesting a different approach.

The approach here is to get yourself prepared physically and psychologically before you finally call it quit. I have listed five ideas anyone can adopt before calling smoking a quit.

Let's explore them together:

1. Get Physical

Taking some form of physical exercises is the bedrock for anyone that desire to succeed at their endeavor to quit smoking. Research has revealed that folks who engage in regular exercise plan increase their chances of success at quitting tobacco. Compared to those that do not exercise, the success rate is doubled for those that have adopted some form of physical exercises.

Strength training and high intensity exercise like aerobics, stretching, core-strengthening exercise etc are all effective strategies to help quit smoking. You could also go for a run or jog if you cannot try the above.

Physical activity can serve as a healthy distraction which can help reduce the intensity of the cravings. Just 30 minutes of moderate physical activity will be good for you. If you are stocked at the office, you could attempt push-ups, walking up and down the stairs etc.

Attempting this before you quit smoking will help prepare your body.

2. Create a Distraction List

While preparing to quit smoking, it is good to take note of the triggers. Trigger varies with different people. It could be places like parties or pubs. Or maybe it's some categories of people, as well situations that stress you out.

Having an idea of the causes could help in preparing yourself against it. This preparatory period is the time you need to identify and strategize on how to effectively handle the triggers.

In his article on reasons to stop smoking weed, Tyson Jerry mentioned that spending less time with smokers and thinking of alternative ways to handle stressful situation is an important first step for anyone that wants to successfully quit smoking. Having this distraction list handy will help whenever you eventually desire to take the step.

3. Consume healthy Foods

You need to prepare and reformat your taste buds to start receiving healthy meals. This is because when you quit smoking, you start to perceive food in a new and different way. It is important to make sure you have something handy that you can chew to keep your mouth busy. You could opt for foods with nice flavors instead of cigarette.

Before you eventually take the big step, you need to get really healthy by taking balanced diets. Let your three-square meal be complete. Avoid skipping any meal. This might bring the urge to smoke. Fill your home with low-calorie snack that can help take care of your hunger between meals.

4. Give Nicotine replacement Therapy a Thought

A report from the World Health Organization revealed that one person dies every six seconds due to tobacco usage. This calls for caution and urge to get rid of tobacco addiction. Consulting Tobacco Professionals can help deal with tobacco cravings.

According to Marcus Hansen, the founder and treatment consultant at Drug Rehab Agency, "nicotine replacement Therapy is an effective strategy helping a number of people achieve success in quitting. A nicotine replacement Therapy is the kind of therapy that suppresses cravings with products such as inhalers, patches, and gum".

5. Practice Relaxation Techniques

Stress reduction techniques based on focus and mindfulness such as yoga, meditation and martial arts has the capacity to tackle tobacco craving. Although, there is no much research to support this, many addiction treatment centers are using it to achieve positive results.

Techniques such as:

• Deep breathing till your lungs are filled and your stomach fully expanded

• Guided Imagery: picture yourself in stressful situation and imagine the strategies you will use to tackle them as well

• Tai Chi: a mind body exercise that combines various body postures with deep breathing techniques.

Getting familiar with the above will prepare your body to adapt when you finally decide to take the step.
Smoking have deleterious health implication like lung disease, increased risk of tongue, lung, and heart cancer, increased risk of toenail fungus infection by restricting circulation to the feet, and many others.

The health benefit of quitting smoking is way more than the satisfaction you think you might be getting at the moment.

So here's to you finally quitting the habit!