Five Lessons of Being a Multi-Millionaire

There are a lot of people who come to me for advice because they want to know how to become a millionaire. I am always more than happy to help these people in any way I can. However, throughout my years of teaching others, I have found that I have learned just as many lessons from being a multi-millionaire as I did from my journey along the way. I believe these lessons can help any person striving towards financial success. Here are the top five lessons I have learned from being a multi-millionaire.

1. Money Doesn't Make You Happy, Love and Freedom Do
This may sound like a rather ridiculous statement coming from a multi-millionaire, but it is a true one. Many times, people need to make a lot of money in order to realize this. Money will never truly make you happy, no matter how much money you make. There are two things that can really make you happy: love, and this means all types of love, from friends, partners and family, and it also means freedom. Nothing will make you happy quite like freedom.

2. Money Does Buy You Freedom
Money may not directly buy you happiness, but it can buy you freedom, which can lead to happiness. You just need to realize that these things are different. Having true freedom can help you more easily discover who you are, what you enjoy and what matters most to you. It can also help you find similar, like-minded people to surround yourself with.

3. Lambos and Ferraris Are Cool
Ok this one may seem a little off-the-cuff, but let me explain. There are all types of reasons to want to make a lot of money, and I often remind people that having this money isn't going to make you happy. However, this doesn't mean that being able to buy nice things isn't fun and isn't cool. Big ticket items such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris are fun. Check out what a blast I had buying mine! It is one of the perks of making a lot of money. If you work hard to earn things like this, then you deserve to treat yourself to some fun every once in a while.

4. Exploring the World Should Be On Everyone's List
There are a lot of things that you can do with your money, but nothing will compare to the experience of exploring the world. Take time to travel. It is one thing you will never forget and one purchase you will never regret. Trust me the memories that you will make are going to be utterly priceless.

5. You Have to Study Your Ass Off To Rise Above the 9-5
If finding work outside of the traditional 9-5 was easy, everyone would do it and everyone would be free. This is not going to happen overnight for you. There are so many people who complain about their 9-5 job sucking the life out of them, but they aren't willing to study and work hard to make a career out of something else. My top student studies and trades stocks nearly 16 hours per day, every day. If you want to have this freedom and the freedom to make more money, you need to be willing to study, work hard and give up a lot to get where you want to be.

Keep these lessons in mind no matter where you are on your journey towards financial success, they just may help you along the way.