Five Secrets of A Modern-Day Career Goddess


You know her when you see her. And everyone else does too.

As soon as she walks into the room, all eyes shift in her direction -- eyeing her every move. Surprisingly, her striking confidence doesn't come with an ounce of cockiness -- which makes her even more alluring. She walks like she is on a mission, and you know that if you follow her lead, you'll be promoted to levels that you never thought were possible.

Wondering what this woman holds in her career kit that allows her to walk with that unflappable confidence? Here are 7 secrets of a career goddess that could lead you to a more fulfilling professional life.

1. She empowers herself and those around her to explore their highest potential each and every day.

There is no doubt about it. This woman is incredibly self-empowered, possessing within her a desire to achieve everything she sets out to do so that she can be a source of strength for others who have no idea what they are truly capable of. She sets goals, creates vision boards, and fills her mind with motivational messages so that she can stand tall on her path to success.

She understands that the world and the workplace are better environments when others are empowered to be their greatest and most authentic selves, so she constantly gives others a vision of who they can become. By talking to people as they can be versus as they are, she ignites a drive in others to break any self-limiting beliefs that derail or halt their progress.

2. She doesn't let the fear of striking out keep her from playing the game.

Doubt can cause a person to delay the dreams that they could have accomplished 10 years ago. There is no room for doubts, fears, and insecurities when you are committed to living a purpose-driven life without regrets. Timid behaviors don't live within a woman who knows what game she wants to play and why she wants to play it. She knows that fear may creep into her environment every so often, but she also knows that just because the fear of failure is a possibility doesn't mean that success isn't right around the corner. She puts her name in the basket, gives it her all, and takes something away from the experience no matter what the results reveal.

3. She is focused on her goals and doesn't allow distractions to steer her in the wrong direction.

It takes a relentless amount of focus to achieve any goal, and she doesn't hesitate to clear all distractions in order to achieve her goals. She is laser-focused on where she wants to be at the end of the journey, working backwards to define each step that needs to take place so she can proceed on her path. Distractions come her way often, but she doesn't even recognize them. She is so clear about what she wants that her mind doesn't even give airtime to things that exist outside of that. She understands the power of setting SMART goals and pursuing it with every bone within you. She treats her goals like a marriage: she doesn't even consider cheating on them, because she is 100% committed no matter what problems come her way.

4. She never stops learning and finding new ways to add value.

She remains relevant and irresistible in the marketplace, because her value never goes out of style. Her knowledge base is not limited to what she knows today, because she possesses such an insatiable desire to understand the world around her. She takes in every experience as a learning opportunity that she can add to her toolkit. Her biggest investment goes to her development: awe-inspiring workshops, intellectually stimulating conversations, and mastermind groups that help her to expand what she already knows and execute her plans with a new level of energy. She always mesmerizes crowds with the wealth of knowledge that she is willing to share.

5. She understands her power to create a career that sets her soul on fire and makes her fall in love with life over and over again.

She isn't sitting around waiting on someone else to give her a job, promote her, or become her business partner. She takes action and watches as the right people and opportunities come her way. Knowing that what she receives is in direct proportion to what she gives, she shares her most powerful visions with the world, knowing that the Universe will conspire to make her most active thoughts a reality.

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