5 Fun Festivals You'd Only Find in Illinois

Illinoisans have no shortage of fun festivals from which to choose when planning a good weekend. Traditional festivals such as world-class concerts, food tasting, holiday marts and county fairs proliferate through every season. But what to do when a hot dog and a cover band just won't cut it anymore? Check out these 16 highly unusual Illinois festivals throughout the state.

Popeye Picnic



Sept. 11-13, 2015

Illinois' Green Party comes together for a "can of spinach in every cabinet." The festival includes a 5K run, characters, food, games, a pet show and the Olive Oyl Cafe and is put on every year the weekend after Labor Day. 2015's festival will be the 34th annual picnic.

International Horseradish Festival



June 5-7, 2015

Held in the horseradish capital of the world, the International Horseradish Festival. The festival's website explains that the gathering offers an opportunity for Illinoisans and visitors alike to taste the root plan, which is related to the mustard seed. Festival-goers can experience the creation of horseradish themselves by watching a root grinding demonstration. The festival also offers hot air balloon rides, a 5k race, live music, Bloody Mary contests and the Little Miss Horseradish Festival Pageant.

Superman Celebration



June 11-14, 2015

Superman festival goers can attend a film festival, meet celebrity guests and enjoy musical and comedic performances. In 2014, the festival featured a tent dedicated to kids' activities, a filmmaking museum, a pie-eating contest, karaoke and a baseball game. The town is home to a Superman statue and Lois Lane statue, both of which are available for pictures.

Cobden Peach Festival



August 7-8, 2015

To celebrate the local peach harvest, Cobden residents invite visitors to come enjoy the juicy fruits. The festival also includes games, rides, a 5K race, parade and the Miss Peach Queen Pageant. Plus, festivalgoers enjoy peach dishes such as peach pie and peach cobbler. 2015's festival will be the 78th annual celebration.

Turkey Testicle Festival



Fall 2015

This festival's slogan is "Have a Ball." It's held at several area bars, with admission $5 ahead of time and $10 at the door. The festival features live music, DJs and t-shirts. Each bar serves a special menu of food, including "turkey nuts" for $5. 2015's festival will be its 37th annual celebration.

Check out the 2015 dates and descriptions of more unique Illinois festivals, including the Garlic Fest in Highwood and the Shrimp Festival in Golconda.

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