Five Tips for Awakening to Love

Our minds are biased to negativity, and therefore, we often perceive information that is meant to be neutral as something that is hurtful. The beauty of a surrendering into the blossoming with patience and trust is a gift for us at this time.
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"The greatest art is to sit, and wait, and let it come." -- Yogi Bhajan


I believe in God. I believe in Angels. I believe in Miracles. I trust Love. I believe that when we open our hearts with gratitude, we attract more to be grateful for. I also believe in prosperity and feel that by living through the heart and giving to others, we lift our vibratory field, and draw in abundance. God created the trees, flowers, oceans, sunrises and sunsets, and the natural law which keeps our world evolving. Why do we question if God will take care of us?

We are living in a secular society, and mysticism is something we are conditioned to question. We fear for our world. We fear for ourselves and our families. Our minds are biased to negativity, and therefore, we often perceive information that is meant to be neutral as something that is hurtful.

What if we could move beyond the fear-based mindsets and live from the space of tender love in our hearts? What if we trusted that sending prayers out to others, instead of worrying and feeling sad for them, would be enough? Imagine a world where we could trust the divine intelligence of the universe. Love and Light leading the path to eternal life. What a miracle.

Pushing, forcing, manipulating and competing are tactics that do not work anymore. Our world is changing quickly, and we are beginning to understand that without knowing how, miracles are all around us. There are no coincidences in life Every encounter is a light that shines to show us the path to our destiny. When we choose to focus on love and thankfulness, something profound shifts in our lives. A flow becomes very apparent. Just like the flowers bloom naturally by the force of nature, our lives unfold with grace. The beauty of a surrendering into the blossoming with patience and trust is a gift for us at this time.

How do we shift into the miracle mindset?

1. Breath. Breathing deeply and slowly changes our brain chemistry instantaneously. Imagine the lower belly as a balloon that expands with each inhale. As the exhale releases through the nose, the lower belly soften towards the spine.

2. Gratitude. Taking a couple minutes daily to write down ten things we are grateful for is one of the most efficient tools for happiness. Giving thanks for the blessings we are desiring before they are in our lives is a magical practice.

3. Observation. When we observe the miracles that we encounter daily, we begin to recognize Grace at work. The book that falls off the shelf when we are at the library with our children which provides the wisdom we need at that exact moment. The beautiful new friend we meet in a crowded cafe on a snowy day when we are craving a hot cup of tea is a soul that needs our smile at that instant. The butterfly that appears before our eyes when we are missing a loved one is a reminder that heaven is real. The song that plays when we are in traffic, reminding us that another is thinking of us just as we are thinking of them, is the reinforcement of soul connectivity.

4. Affirmation. When we retrain our brains from old belief systems that are holding us back from joy by using the power of affirmations, we are creating an expansion of love in our hearts. A simple affirmation is to state: "I am the light and love of my soul, and everything is in perfect order. I believe in the power of miracles."

5. Prayer. How can we deny the power of something much larger than us? Prayer is the greatest technique for moving out of our own way. Prayer is the tool that allows us to place our concerns in the hand of the divine. When I pray, I place my forehead on the ground so my mind is lower than my heart. This brings my energy to the frequency love. Once I feel myself drop into the heart space, I speak aloud in a whisper saying: "Dear God, please show me the way to joy, healing and love. Please bless my loved ones. Please take my insecurities and fears away, so I can be a vessel for your love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Love has the power to transform us. Faith has the power to heal us. When we open our hearts, our radiance projects out into the space around our bodies, and we become magnets to miracles.

May you feel God's Love with you as you read this. There is a reason this message is here for you. Please accept it as a gift from beyond. May God bless you today and forever.

Hope, Peace, Light, Health and Miracles to you...

Always through my Heart with Love,


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