Five tips to land your next dream job

Any business owner understands the challenge of finding the right talent. Throughout the years of interviewing for a wide array of jobs, I have seen many miss steps along the way from applicants from the seasoned professionals to the newbies entering the market.

The top 5 tips not to do in an interview:

Expect to land a job without submitting samples of your work. Just because you have been in the field for a while does not exempt one from showing their work and success stores. What a missed opportunity to stand above the crowd to shine. I remember one arrogant candidate asked me “why would I really need to show his work. I saw his portfolio and that should be enough.”

Coming to an interview ill prepared. Never show up to an interview not understanding what job you are applying for or not have a clue about the company you are interviewing with. During an interview, if you inquire and ask about basic questions like who are your clients when they are listed on the company website or what do you do here gives a poor impression.

Not recognizing an employer’s job public posting when they call you regarding your resume or for an interview. An easy way to track your resume submissions is to create a spreadsheet in Excel with the date, company name, job title, general description, salary and if it is full time or part time job. If one calls for an interview and you don’t even remember what jobs you applied for and even if you want it while on the phone with a potential employer gives the impression you are disinterested. Fifty-five percent of hiring managers say this is a big deal-breaker according to Careerbuilder.

Leaving things off of your resume and not disclosing all of your jobs. Why not let the employer decide if a job is relevant or not? I have had candidates leave off job hopping on their resumes and past jobs they have had to learn about them during the interview. It could place doubt in my mind what else do I not know about this candidate? It is much better to disclose your entire skill set. You just may have the right mix I was looking for one of my upcoming projects. Everyone at some point has had an in-between job or started at an entry level job. It is better to give the impression of transparency and honesty.

Over inflation of a skill set or job title. Stretching the truth can backfire. According to Forbes, the most common resume lies are education, employment dates, job titles and technical skills. Many companies now do working interviews to test applicants for a skills assessment. As part of our hiring process, we always check references and job information. Many organizations have policies for immediate dismissal for false statements during the hiring process.

If you keep these five tips in mind when preparing for your next interview, it just may be the difference between being overlooked and getting the job opportunity you always wanted.

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