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Five Tips to Rock Your Wedding This Spring and Summer

After all, I was a legit rock star wife, on the E! Channels show "Married To Rock" so here is what I've got for some rockin' cool hints for you.
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Playing the role of being a rock n' roll bride (on the runway in countless couture shows, as well as in real life), and designer of women's resort fashion and swimwear for over a decade, I'd like to think I've stumbled upon a few great ideas, for that special wedding day. After all, I was a legit rock star wife, on the E! Channels show Married To Rock so here is what I've got for some rockin' cool hints for you. Below are a few of the things, I've either planned at my own wedding, to my lovely husband Duff (we're now married close to 15 years), to some other pretty extraordinary friends gorgeous star studded weddings.

Date & Budget: A confirmed wedding date, may seem intelligible, yet often times can be more difficult to decide on than you can imagine. The date is paramount, for so many reasons. First of all, it helps conclude to your florist, which flowers will be in season. It speeds along the process, and enables you to cross off your list, for rapidly making those beautiful invitations. It just makes plain sense, for all upcoming appointments with the caterer, cake designer, DJ or band, bartender, dress maker, photographer, and of course your out of town guests. As for the wedding budget, do plan one, and remember to keep to it. It is very common, for a bride to be, to then be cleverly enticed into a few hundred dollars here, or an extra catering dish or two there, and before you know it, you've maxed out your budget as well as gone exorbitantly above it. This whole song and dance, of celebrating, spending the rest of your lives together, not to have the flawless lavender hued lantern lights, adorning your walk down the aisle matching your meticulously hand picked out bridal bouquet is overrated. Don't overspend so much on the big day that it cuts into the honeymoon funds. You don't have to start your marriage in debt. P.S. Stuffy matchy weddings are out anyway.

Prep: Make sure and prep yourself mentally and physically before the wedding. That means don't lose your self in the process. Don't over inundate yourself, or others, with every minute detail. Trust me you are only over thinking things, if all you can talk about, is the infinite detail of the crab puffs and every ingredient going into them. If you finally get to carve out an hour or two, for that long awaited girls lunch, hike or even a mini vacay (aka bachelorette trip) --enjoy this fun and relaxational "me" time, before it predominantly turns into "we" time with your fabulous new partner. And on that note I've learned so much, from gorgeous newlywed Mrs. Courtney Bingham Sixx (from her brilliant DIY on a budget, "How2Girl" iHeartRadio show) she notes all kinds of great pre wedding advice... I especially love the segments on hydroxy peels (which you can do easily and more economically at home) than spending a fortune (and extracting from your wedding budget) from an expensive dermatologist. You can have that flawless and polished skin on your wedding day with easy breezy home remedies. Also Courtney notes, for puffy eyes -- pre wedding day, "simply mix up a bottle of rosewater and mineral water... store it in the refrigerator, and put the cold herbal water on cotton balls on your eyelids for five minutes." Yes you can thank me for bringing up these awesome pointers, by looking fresh and glowing on your big day.

Catering Clues for All: Be sure to include extra people for the headcount, in case any last minute guests, and of course, for your generous workers/helpers. Did you know the caterer, can plan a lovely meal for a slightly lower fee, to cover everyone and be virtuous to you? Also don't forget any vegan or vegetarian options as well. I personally think, looking to your regions specialties, particularly for you're out of town guests, is an exclusive treat. Local food can really make a splash for a fun and lasting impression. Think artisanal foods, all from your 100 mile radius (handmade cheeses, indigenous seafood and fish, local produce). Contemporary hipsters are even going so far, as hiring the local food truck (you could also save this more for the casual part of the extravaganza ie., when guests are on the dance floor, or kids are done and not full from the fancy entrée foods). One would be pleasantly surprised by the various food trucks there are available out there, from gourmet crepes to sushi. For a more interactive vibe, try a wine tasting. You can have wine flights (with three small samples of wine) this is fun and beneficial, as it can cost you even less than some specialty bars.

A Dress to Impress: I tied the knot in 1999, in my lakefront backyard in Seattle. It was magical, and fantastic in so many ways. I tried on many beautiful and well yes, expensive dresses. But none were exactly right. I liked the fabric and feel of one dress, and the corset style of another. Eventually I collaborated with a friend, and I conveyed to her my artistry for exactly the dream wedding dress I wanted. Keep in mind, this does involve much more time, and energy (however, kept my wedding plans and dreams (and budget) on point. If you decide to venture this route... Please make certain, and over allow a buffer time wise to design, find the precise fabric for, and do many a fitting for, the gorgeous dress to be complete. Make 100 percent sure the person whom you hire to make your dress, is absolutely -- how shall I say it -- overqualified, meaning they have made plenty of custom wedding dresses over the years. Trust me, as a swimwear designer, orchestrating a wedding gown is entirely different construction than sewing a gown made of silk and interlaced with boning for the corset per se.

The Don't Forget's: Here's a list of all that stuff, so little you may overlook. Your phone charger, his phone charger, a mini portable cell phone charger -- in case there are no outlets near, sunblock, hand fans (for that outside wedding where the heat is just too much), aspirins, waters, tissue or a handkerchief "something blue" yes I do believe in the old tradition, mini travel perfume spray (again if it's exceedingly hot, you want to have a little refresher handy). I personally love those oil blotting papers, as half the time my elegant purse is wee bit too tiny to transport all the above. One major one is your passport, and/or visas needed for that honeymoon departure. Bon Voyage and here's to you, enjoying your organized and exceedingly beautiful wedding day!