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5 Top Model Tips for Your Midsummer

Here are some tips and tricks I've learned along the way, from some of the world's best magazine editors, fellow fashion models to the chicest hair and make up artists.
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Being a longtime lover of the sun, growing up on the beautiful beaches of San Diego, to jet-setting to such exotic locales as St. Tropez, Antigua and Jamaica for a modeling assignment, make for a terrific fine-tuning, for a sun worshipper. Here are some tips and tricks I've learned along the way, from some of the world's best magazine editors, fellow fashion models to the chicest hair and make up artists.

Sunscreen: Is your best friend, no shocker here, but did you know you can boost your UV protection by swallowing an antioxidant vitamin, such as one called the Sun Pill? Theses capsules tremendously reduce the suns damage that promote DNA wrinkles, and those hard to get rid of brown spots. Begin taking them a week prior to your next sun filled holiday. ( $20 for 30)... Also very important, don't forget to literally apply the sun block (at least 30SPF or higher) directly onto your lips, before applying your lipstick. I unfortunately, had to hear how pertinent it is to also apply sun block as well to your ears, (and don't forget the neck and hands) as a young friend described to me, her scary and horrific experience, with having gone through skin cancer (where the doctors had to remove a small section of her ear), as a result of not putting sun block on her ears, over the years.

Fragrance: When it comes to summer fragrances, it's time to convey expressions of fresh and green, to citrusy and lush... My personal favorite, is a brand new roller scent from my friend Hilary Shepard (also a breast cancer survivor), called evLOVE I kid you not, I cannot go anywhere without someone stopping me, asking me what scent I am wearing (sensual Tuberose, creamy Gardenia, light hint of orange blossom, a sparkling top note of Japanese Yuzu, and a base note of fresh musk), other amazing favorites are Chanel "Gardenia" part of the limited edition of the Chanel perfume series (so elegantly chic, and simply alluring) and Burberry "Summer" (bergamot, grapefruit, green apple, water lily and green oak moss). While this next tip, is not a body spray, it is a great trick for all your summer traveling and flying, "Colloidal Silver Spray" (found in vitamin shops) is excellent for getting rid of germs and bacteria on airplane seats. Spray 5-6 pumps of this, directly onto your airplane seat, for eradication of you obtaining the cough, sneezes and /or sore throat your last flyer may have had.

Swimsuit Shopping: Let's face it, we're all suffering through a nation wide heat wave -- and it's only going to be hot and sunny for another month or two. That means it's a perfect time, to scoop up that fabulous designer swimsuit for a fraction of the price. Being the mega shopper that I am, I've found the best summer sales to be particularly at these stores (Nordstrom -- Anniversary sale and Bloomingdale's). For more major designer deals, don't forget to shop online, and my resort line (adorned by celebs -- Stella McCartney, Kate Hudson & Serena Williams). Be smart, and stock up on bathers now, even if you don't use all of them this summer, you can use the suits next year, as motivation. Don't forget, for petite frames, low rise bottoms, with a high rise leg flatter best, and for the smaller chested, choose styles with horizontal stripes or vibrant colors, to accentuate and bring the eye up to give fullness to the area. For big chests, think support, a bra like style works best (with underwire, or halter and adjustable straps). To mask stomach areas, one-pieces that are slimming and elongating, particularly with a deep v neck work best.

Lessons: Paddle boarding, sailing, cooking, wine-tasting, meditation, learning a new language, taking a self-defense workshop with your kids, etc... Nothing is more enriching and satisfying, than treating oneself to learning a new hobby or workout. The best and most notable trainers in the world always emphasize to "shock" the muscles for the best workouts. This translates to learning new forms of exercise for both the brain and body. Last year, I even had a blast learning to play guitar and with just a one hour a day practice, learned to play a Beatles song or two, it was very liberating actually connecting chords, and hearing my self make music poolside. Speaking of the great summery outdoors, I also got a rush, out of taking motorcycle lessons, and now have a motorcycle license to partake in riding, on my own motorcycle or dirt bike (just as many women do in Europe) along with friends or the hubby. So whatever you've been putting off now is the time to tackle that fun new summer escapade.

Reading: Who doesn't love an amazing, page-turner at the beach or lake? Books like songs, fill your head with memories of where you were in life, when you were reading them. South of Broad written by the great American fiction writer, Pat Conroy, is an exemplification of his work at it's most superior. I'll never forget reading about his majestic Charleston seascapes, while I was on a tour bus, or airport fantasizing about how great the story and magnificent use of his characters and his southern tales came to life, when we finally get to a bit of nature on the southern front ourselves... I am always on the lookout for inspiring autobiographies, and my hubby's book (which happens to also be a NY Times Bestseller) Duff McKagan: It's So Easy and Other Lies is just that, he courageously walks you through his trials and tribulations of struggling to survive in what later becomes, one of the largest rock n' roll bands in the world Guns N' Roses, while becoming clean and sober, and a husband and father of two, to continuing on with his college education, and becoming a well rounded writer. And last but not least, is my current read, A Good Rain by the legendary writer Timothy Egan. It's a paramount read on the history and beauty of the Pacific Northwest.