Warm Up! The Health Benefits (And Pitfalls) Of 5 Fall Drinks

As the temperatures drop, there's nothing like curling up with a warm beverage.

And fortunately, many of our favorite fall drinks also have nutritional benefits, with possible powers to ward off cancer, defeat free radicals and even help provide the day's value of protein, says American Dietetic spokesperson Debbi Beauvais, a registered dietitian based in Rochester, N.Y.

Just be mindful of what you drink -- some beverages are innocuous at the heart, but can become calorie bombs when you add cream, sugar and flavorings, she said.

"Sugar and fat are what makes foods flavorful," Beauvais told HuffPost. "You really have to be mindful of nutrition that goes with that," or a drink can go from calorie-free to a calorie-laden treat.

Check out health benefits -- and potential nutritional pitfalls -- of five common warm drinks.

Health Benefits (And Pitfalls) Of Warm Drinks