Five Ways to Green Your Yoga Workout

It's good for the mind, the body, how about the earth? Here are five ways to green your
yoga workout.

1. Buy a Non-Toxic Yoga Mat from Plank
Did you know you could actually be breathing in harmful chemicals during all those stretches? That mat beneath you can be a source of some serious off-gassing. Skip the harmful chemicals with a yoga mat from Plank made out of non-toxic PVC. Available through 2modern.

plank yoga mat photo

photo via Plank

2. Recycle Your Old Yoga Mat
If you must discard your old mat (don't forget it can actually be washed), how about recycling it? Gaim has 50 ways you can put it to good use, from tree ornaments to bases for a baseball game.

3. Carry your Gear in a Yoga Bag Made out of Recycled Materials
Pick up a yoga bag made out of recycled t-shirts. Made from pre-consumer T-shirt scraps, discarded during the apparel cut and sew process, Yogoco's bag will allow you to get to-and-from your yoga date in flower-power style.

Yogaco yoga bag photo

photo via Yogoco

4. Rub Down with a Multi-Purpose Towel from Muji
Hit the showers with this innovative towel from Muji. When the NIIMI towel is nearing the end of its lifecycle, take out the scissors. It can be trimmed down into a bathmat, dish towels, and then a dust cloth. Perforations ensure no straggling edges.

muji niimi towel photo

photo via Muji

5. Take classes at a Green Studio: Pure Yoga
How about a yoga studio with a green design? If you live in New York, the newly opened Pure Yoga boasts earth conscious flooring. In studios, it is mostly renewable cork. Or you could be stepping on palm, a sustainably harvested wood made from harvested coconut shells and palm trees, or reclaimed wood.

pure yoga new york photo

photo via Pure Yoga

Have more ways to green your yoga? Comment below!