Five Ways to Make Your Dreams Become a Reality

There is no greater feeling than accomplishing your goals, so get off the couch and seize the day! I am going to pay it forward today and share with you Kirsty's top five tips on following your dreams and not taking "no" for an answer.
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"What do you want to be when you grow up?" This is the famous question we are asked from the time we are approximately five-years-old. Whether we are aspiring to be a surgeon, a rock star, a firefighter or every little girls dream (a princess), we always seem to be spending the majority of our lives chasing our dreams. We've all heard it, especially from those who are older and wiser, "Have goals," "Bring your visions to reality," and the ultimate phrase of all "Work hard and never give up!" Having goals and visions for your future is so necessary for a fulfilling life, so ask yourself... Are you doing everything in your power to achieve your wildest fantasies? If not, then never fear! Today is a great day to start and you will be thankful for your ambition in the long run.

As a college student, I am surrounded by my peers as my generation is bombarded 24/7 by a media that attempts to shape and dictate exactly what we should be doing with our lives, how we should look and what status we must attain to live life to the fullest. "These next four or more years will determine your future." No pressure or anything, right? At times, our dreams can seem a bit overwhelming and impossible, but this is never true. These challenges are the reason it is so important for us to have positive mentors in our lives.

Have you ever personally known someone who has taken a giant leap in order to fulfill their dreams and goals? Many of us can name a few celebrities and CEO's of mega corporations, that's easy, however I feel learning and growing from someone who is available to mentor you and has learned the valuable lessons while conquering their goals...someone who is older and wiser is the secret to truly learning how to turn dreams into a reality.

I love Kirsty Spraggon's story. At one time she was at the height of a world class real estate career and knew there was a missing link. She wasn't truly fulfilling her dreams. Resigning from a lucrative and safe career, she packed two suitcases and moved to L.A. to become what the Today Show calls the next Oprah. It is unfortunately very rare in today's society to find someone as caring and selfless as Kirsty, because she provides others with a platform to share their inspirational stories. My friendship with Kirsty is the perfect example of how social media can truly be used for the greater good. We have so much in common and she has crossed off a lot of the items on my bucket list. Now it's my turn! By using her as a positive role model, I can follow in her footsteps as she helps to guide me in following my dreams.

There is no greater feeling than accomplishing your goals, so get off the couch and seize the day! I am going to pay it forward today and share with you Kirsty's top five tips on following your dreams and not taking "no" for an answer.

1. You will need 'A Pinch Of Delusion, A Dash Of Audacity & A Shot Of Courage'

Before relocating from Australia to the U.S. I took a trip over to check things out in Los Angeles. After that trip I had this statement engraved on a bracelet. 'A Pinch Of Delusion, A Dash Of Audacity & A Shot Of Courage' this statement is the essence of what I feel it takes to live your boldest dreams.

Delusion -- I believe we all need to be a little deluded. I don't mean actually deluded, but in the eyes of others it will come across as if you are...I remember when I first told people I was leaving real estate to become an international speaker, there was this look of shock and horror as if I were crazy. You need to see in yourself what you will become before others do.

Audacity -- The audacity to be bold, to be persistent, to make it happen and to ask for what you want. In the beginning, you may be perceived as a "nobody", but you must have the audacity of a 'somebody'. Audacity gives you the ability to 'fake it till you make it'.

Courage -- Well, without this I don't know how you would survive the dream crushers and naysayers. The courage to put your crazy big audacious dream out there. The courage to keep going, to keep getting back up and pushing forward step by step.

2. You need to get to -- know yourself

When I first heard Sir Edmund Hillary's quote, 'It is not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves.' I didn't really get it, or perhaps I didn't really 'know it'.

What I have learned as I have built three world class careers at the top of my industry and reinvented myself in the process of each transition is that the hardest part is conquering ourselves.

For me it is that mental and emotional journey that is the harder part than the physical part of climbing your mountain. It is what your telling yourself every day, it is overcoming fear, emotional blockages, being resilient enough when rejected on a daily basis, believing in yourself even when those closest to you may not and to keep bouncing back and moving forward in spite of all that.

3. You will need to understand fear

There is nothing less attractive than someone full of fear, lacking confidence and in full-blown scarcity mode. I really don't like it when fear comes to visit but unfortunately when we head off on a journey into unfamiliar and unchartered waters it can be a regular visitor, dropping in at the most unexpected and unwelcome of times.

Fear blocks everything; your confidence and pizzazz, your powers of manifestation and it can be such negative energy. It is a detractor and if you get stuck in it, it can be such a downward spiral. It may manifest itself as feelings of inadequacy, confusion, worry or a million other thoughts or behaviors, so you must learn how to pull yourself out of the funk and break the pattern. Allow yourself to sit with fear because sometimes it's necessary. Perhaps an alarm or warning signs for us to be aware of something. Don't pressure yourself to 'get over and on with it'. Sometimes it is healthy to acknowledge the fear and be okay with where you are and what you are feeling in that moment.

4. You Will Need To Stick With Things

Sticking at something is not always easy and things don't always go to plan.

When it came to producing KirstyTV that has certainly been the case. I had a dream, a vision for a particular segment in the show. It would be like 'the view' but a more casual group of friends discussing everyday issues on a couch. Producing it was another matter. It took awhile to get it to look professional. It would have been easy to get frustrated and give up.

There were times through this process where I was challenged; it cost money and time to produce the first three takes that are now on the cutting room floor. I feel like I paid a small fortune for all those lessons. Nevertheless, I knew in my heart that this could work. I knew what I wanted it to look and feel like and what was possible if we just kept making small changes to it.

Sometimes you have to believe in your vision, you have to be challenged, you have to stick with it and be willing to go the distance.

As Winston Churchill famously said, "Never, never, never give up."

5. Turning Your Dreams Into A Reality

Research has been found that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between what's real and what's not, so it can be tricked into believing you are already living the life you dream. So make a vision board where you can see yourself already living your dream!

You simply take a large piece of cardboard and stick pictures of all the different dreams you are wanting to achieve in the different areas of your life.

Dream Boards are a lot more fun than a business plan and can be a great way to involve the whole family in your dreams. You can create one together as well as individually.

Put them up on the fridge, the back of the toilet door or the wardrobe in your bedroom: your dreams will be top of mind in your awareness rather than gathering dust in a draw. It's important to surround yourself with your goal. Live it, breathe it, be it, see it!

There you have it, the top five tips on following your dreams! What are you waiting for?
Grab a mentor and go for it!


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