Five Word Speech Submissions: Boy, Are You Guys Good!

On Monday, I asked for suggestions for the 5 word acceptance speech I would give at last night's Webby Awards. And you came through with an embarrassment of pithy riches -- offering up over 1,000 suggestions. Some were impassioned, some were funny, many were both -- and all were very creative. Color me impressed. And appreciative: thanks to everyone who sent one in.

It was a very tough call but, in the end, we decided to go with "President Obama... Sounds good, right?", submitted by Sunflower1 (your book is on the way).

The other finalists were: "Big Brother, we're watching you" (submitted by SilthyTove); "No country for old media" (jungpatawan); and "Fuck it... We'll liveblog it!" (LiarLiarIraqsOnFire)

And here are some of our other favorite 5 word speech submissions:

"Truth: How's that for Change?"

"Flag pins can't deflate hope"

"Dissent: American as Apple Pie"
- RoloTomassi

"Well, I blog your milkshake"

"O.C.D. Blogging Cures A.D.D. Media"

"Reality-based and lovin' it!"
- TomR

"8 years... Please, not 12!"

"Life is short; Blog Hard!!"

"Outrage fatigue musn't cause complacency"

"Censorship is for political cowards"

"Did McCain vote for us?"

"Dodging sniper fire since 2005"

"Derailing the Straight-Talk Express"
- Jacksonian

"Fair and balanced news...really"

"We bitterly cling to this"
- Jacksonian

"Fist bumpin' Republican dumpin' 2008"
- TomR

"Obama wins, shock and awe"
- Rockwell

"I'm making no decision tonight"

"Justice, where have you been?"
- segagman

"Unclog the public dialogue: blog"

"Fist pound or chest bump?"
- imbansheed

"I never envied Haiku before."
- jungpatawan

"We Busted Your Bluster, Buster!"
-- CrankyCurmudgeon

"Imagine all the people, blogging!"
- JoDeeVa

"We know Shia from Sunni"

"Patriotism is courage in public"

"George Bush wrote this acceptance speech"
- GopherBroke

"Mainstream media, suck on this!"