Fix Stubborn Carpet Dents With Just An Ice Cube (PHOTOS)

Before you rearrange your furniture, you're going to want to read this.

Carpet dents caused by heavy furniture can really be unattractive. They can also be very stubborn and last a long time. Luckily, LifeHacker shared a YouTube video on how to easily erase these divots in just minutes.

First, take an ice cube and place it over the spot. Then, wait until it melts and the dent should be gone. You can also "fluff" the area with a fork or toothbrush to allow the fibers to expand if necessary. Finally, pat with a cloth and your carpet or rug will be as good as new. Good Housekeeping also recommends this method, but suggests waiting 12 hours to observe.

This trick is really easy and will make a huge difference when you're rearranging a room or getting rid of some unnecessary furniture. Head over to LifeHacker for more information, and click through our slideshow for other great tips and tricks.

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