Fix yourself a great e-trip with Keith Richards, an iPad and Google maps.

By the time you read this, Keith Richards' book, "Life", will be available from Apple's iBooks store.
While I could only pre-order the book and read the first 40 pages, I enjoyed one of the best reading experiences in my life on my iPad.

Right after an action- (and substances-) packed opening scene in Arkansas, during a 1973 US tour, KR goes back to his childhood days in the early 50's in Dartford, Kent, one block away from a certain Mick Jagger.
Dartford? Kent?
A quick switch to Maps on the iPad reveals a small town, to the east of London, not far from a place called Gravesend, which Richards recalls "They didn't call it Gravesend for nothing..."

Back to iBooks: KR remembers his family having received a flat from the town council over a grocery shop on Chastilian road. "-still there", he mentions. "The greengrocer is now a florist called Darling Buds of Kent".
Back to Google Maps, zooming in: Chastilian road is there, right next to Denver street where Jagger lived.

I switch to "street view" and look for the florist by driving virtually up the street. Here it is, at number 27 on the right.

Turn and zoom in on the storefront: it is indeed now called the Darling Buds of Kent.
And the flat on top of it is where young KR lived from '49 to '52.

Is it not amazing to experience the genuine life memories of one of my musical heroes?
Right there, while reading his book.

I need to show this to my kids, who only read technical or business books.

e-Books are fabulous as they allow you to go beyond the printed page. Mr Bidzos, make sure you don't limit the Kindle to just reproducing inked words on a white page.
Can't wait until I can get the rest of "Life" downloaded to my iPad...
I'll be actively looking for other places, music, and videos as I read.