Bacon Flag Pizza Is Everything Flag Cake Is Not (PHOTO)

Eat it, flag cake.

There are moments in our culinary history that bring us great pride. They make us feel strong in our individuality, proud to be free and full of adoration for this great nation. We're talking about the storied and meandering history of fried chicken, of flaky biscuits and cheeseburgers. Today, we are also talking about pizza. But not just any pizza -- bacon American flag pizza.

The patriot responsible for this inspired response to the flag cake is Bev Weidner from Bev Cooks. Here's how this American hero describes this achievement: "It’s freedom. It’s the dawn’s early light. It’s the perilous fight. It’s Betsy Ross sitting in her little chair watching the Golden Girls whilst sewing the very first American flag... It’s PUNCHING WHOEVER YOU WANT IN THE FACE! I’m totally kidding this pizza is not about that. Please don’t turn me in to the authorities."

flag pizza

Seriously, thank you, Bev. Thank you for proving once and for all to this great nation that we can end the tyranny of the flag cake. With cheese. And bacon. And potatoes. This is an innovation the founding fathers definitely would have been behind.

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