Flamas Doritos Locos Taco: Taco Bell's Next Flavor Confirmed for August 22 [VIDEO]

Taco Bell's next flavor has arrived.
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It seems as if Taco Bell is hellbent on not telling us the obvious: the Flamas Doritos Locos Taco rolls out August 22.

Instead, they insist on teasing everyone with flirtatious hints here and there and sending us on wild goose chases (ahem, Fiery Chicken Cool Ranch).

Yesterday, the folks over at Taco Bell decided to mail us a black box labeled, "#___DLT." Hoping it was filled with warm, crunchy Flamas DLTs, we got the ultimate blow when we discovered it was just a random bunch of Doritos chip bags -- with flavors ranging from Spicy Sweet Chili to Tapatio. Unsurprisingly, a small bag of Flamas Doritos was found within the mix.

Clever, guys. It's not like David Novak, CEO of Yum Brands, told investors back in December that he expects the Flamas-flavored taco to launch in the later half of 2013, aka August. Or that we tried out the Flamas DLT ourselves when they were testing them back in June 2012. Or that our source from Taco Bell corporate specifically confirmed that it would be the next flavor to complete the DLT trifecta.

For those of you who have yet to try it, the Flamas shell packs a serious flavor profile and brings together spicy hot chile with citrus lemon zest. Add this to Taco Bell's standard taco guts of shredded lettuce, cheese and meat and you've got a formidable addition to the DLT family.

Remember, kids: Flamas Doritos Locos Tacos launch August 22nd.