There's Going To Be A Movie About Flamin' Hot Cheetos (Really!)

No, the proposed film will not feature animated Cheetos.

If they can make movies about Legos or emojis, why not Flamin’ Hot Cheetos?

Variety is reporting that Fox Searchlight and DeVon Franklin, a producer of faith-based flicks like “Heaven is for Real,” are collaborating on a film about the deliciously spicy snack food called ― what else? (anything else? please?) ― “Flamin’ Hot.”

Don’t worry: This is not an animated movie in which chili powder-covered Cheetos cavort on the screen. Instead, it’s a biopic about Richard Montanez, the creator of the popular snack food.

Montanez started out as a janitor at the Frito-Lay plant in Rancho Cucamonga, California, in 1976.

He eventually worked his way up the company’s food chain, when he was inspired to add chili spices to Cheetos after he saw someone add butter, cheese and chili to a cup of corn, according to Fox News Latino.

Montanez sold Frito-Lay’s president on the idea, which has since become the brand’s most popular product. In addition, Montanez became a pioneer in multicultural marketing for the company.

Lewis Colick, best known for “October Sky,” will write the screenplay.

No director or actor is attached to the product, but Vice suggests that Oscar Isaac should have some kind of role, since he’s a longtime fan of the snack and has even eaten Flamin’ Hot Cheetos with chopsticks.

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